Jill Biden (Not Joe) Speaks To Only A Dozen Supporters in Maine

On November 3rd, the United States Of America’s citizens will be holding elections all over the country, from local referendums to the US Presidency.

With the stakes so high in 2020, and with huge policy differences between President Donald Trump and the Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, you would expect every event to be full of energy with locals excited to hear from their candidate.

Even with COVID-19, the candidates should be holding outdoor events with thousands of loud supporters cheering for their candidacy, holding daily press conferences, and sharing their vision for America every chance they get.

They should earn people’s votes by working 12-14 hours a day, leaving it all on the field.

Oh wait, President Trump is already doing these, Joe Biden is not doing any of them.

No Joe has taken off 10 days in the month of September, his staff often telling the media by 8:30 am that Joe put a lid on his activities for the day, which means, nap time for Joe, no time for them.

Instead of Joe earning the job, he sends his wife out to do events for him. What comes out of these events is embarrassing, just like the Biden teams entire campaign.

Only a handful of people showed up in the blue state of Maine to see Jill speak.

Don Trump JR. drew a few hundred Trump supporters.

Well Joe’s advisors told the press that Joe is busy preparing for his debate with President Trump while Tuesday evening.

So Jill is expected to stump for Joe on Saturday in Iowa.

37 days to go, and the Biden teams strategy is very simple.

Hide Joe & Kamala, attack President Trump for COVID-19, and survive the 3 debates. If they can pull these off and get some voter fraud, they feel like they will win the election.

If I am wrong about this, then Joe is simply just too weak to work every day and his handlers are more inept than I previously thought.

Late Tuesday should give us a solid indication of how their plan is going.


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  • I don’t think they are concerned because they are confident the mail in ballot hoax will be enough to win the election. Has anyone else connected the dots between covid and mail in ballots….great timing!!!