The United States Of America has always prided itself on our safe and fair elections leading to the peaceful transfer of power to the winning candidates. Since people expected the integrity of the election system, the person with the most votes got the office.

Yes, there have been a lot of local corrupt elections especially during the mob years in cities like Chicago, and alleged cheating helping JFK and LBJ win their respective contests, but in general, I can’t think of other obvious cases of election fraud.

Now when we, with our prideful chests, pushed out, looked at our country’s elections we would criticize their systems and sometimes the results from them. Russia, Venezuela, and Afghanistan, to name a few, were often called out for massive fraud which allowed dictators to keep their power.

Sometimes we would send in Americans to monitor another nation’s elections walking them through how a fair election should take place.

November 3rd, 2020 changed everything as the US just had our elections tainted by massive voter fraud. What makes it worse is the electronic voting machines, running Smartmatic software, have been involved in fraud around the world, including the Philippines for over a decade.

Here is how a former politician and attorney describes how the software, developed in Venezuela to help President Hugo Chavez shift, delete, or multiply votes, to keep himself in power, was used in his country. The details will sound very similar to what happened to President Trump’s votes in 2020.

Attorney Glenn Chong, a former Filipino lawmaker, joined Michelle Malkin recently to discuss the Smartmatic corruption scandal in the Philippines election.

Attorney Chong joined Michelle on Sovereign Nation on Newsmax TV.

Glenn Chong: “Michelle, the term pre-loaded is exactly the right term I would use right here in Manila.  Pre-loaded votes.  Pre-loaded ballots.  Again, I would point this out to our audience look at these pieces of documents.  They are signed.  We have 70,000  voters.  Exactly 4,140 ballots were already scanned by 140 voting machines days before the election. That’s over six and seven percent.”


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