Narcissism never looks good, and the funny thing is, the more you see and read about those displaying it, the more you can predict how they might act in certain situations.

In progressive cities, like Los Angeles, liberal politicians are pretty much guaranteed to get re-elected, as long as the media is behind them.

They tend to live in gated homes or communities, yet pass laws and ordinances, which increases crime in their communities while handcuffing the police from doing their jobs adequately.

So with a cushy government job, access to opportunities such as investments, etc, which most Angelinos do not, it is only someone’s ego that would take them to Twitter to argue that they did not call for police services, even if they did just voted to slash their budget.

Well, this is what it looks like, so sad.

Mike Bonin, from Venice Beach, is one of 12 Los Angeles City Council Members who voted to cut $150 million out of the Los Angeles Police Department’s $1.8 billion operating budget.

Then right after the LA City Council meeting slashing the police budget, he told KCRW, “What we are seeing on the streets, this fury and anger and impatience about structural and institutional racism, demands that we do things differently … We need to drastically reprioritize to meet the demands, the dual demands of this moment, of both the pandemic we’re in and the civil unrest.”

FOX LA reporter Bill Melugin dropped a bomb on Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin, using Twitter.

Here are just 3 of the calls from their report

Well, the councilman tried to save face, so Mr. Bonin replied to the tweet.

And finally, Mr. Melugin finished him off, using LAPD sources.

In the end, more hypocrisy, but will not matter because Mr. Bonin is a progressive politician in LA County.

How does our country survive long term with people like this making important decisions, at the local level? The only answer, fix education and teach our children traditional American history and Civics again.

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  • Yeah I’ve called the police twice in the last year. And to be honest, that is exactly what has convinced me that they’re worthless and they need to be defunded. They did NOTHING in regards to the crimes committed against me. There was video of the person who committed the crime in BOTH situations, and they didn’t even go look at it either time. My every interaction with police has proven to me that they are worthless inept and morally corrupt. I have NEVER been helped by a police officer. This is probably true for him as well.

    • You can’t say they are morally corrupt. You stated they didn’t do anything, so how would you know? And I’m sure their presence made a difference as something could have happened if they were not there to protect you. Don’t call them again since you already proved yourself a hypocrite.

  • Well how did that go for you? I bet they showed up every time didn’t they. I’ll tell you what if it were left up to me I wouldn’t go but that’s why we have protecters they are the ones who run to the fire not ever away from it. My husband is one of those kind of people. You democrats are crazy as bat s-_t at some of the crap y’all come up with, I can’t wait to vote and the hammer goes down! Trump, Pence 2020 Make American Great Again Amen!