There is a group of self-appointed, then progressive promoted groups who refer to themselves as Fact-Checkers. So-called arbiters of truth who claim to be fighting for the public to make sure people don’t get away with not telling the “truth”.

Following the town hall event on Thursday, President Trump Tweeted out one of the Democratic Presidential nominees’ past statements calling young black youth “Super Predators”.

Groups like Snopes, Politifact (Soros funded group) and AP Fact Check, etc. who are used by the major left media outlets when their findings can be partially used to try to make a point, as disingenuous as they are, went into action.

Example – Though it is possible Sleep Joe could have been caught calling young black youth ‘Super Predators”, we know for sure the statement was by Hillary Clinton in an interview in 1996.

With Joe Biden’s past affiliations with KKK members and charges of being a racist, by people such as his running make Kamala Harris, a full review would make sense.

We know Joe claimed this same group would become the “Predators” in their communities.

The far-left fact-checkers, instead of pointing out the full story, only addressed the exact words, “Super Predators”, not mentioning the use of “Predators”.

So CNN quoted, who reported their finding: Joe Biden is not on record using the term “super predators” to describe young black men.

Many people on Twitter called them out for their deceptive reporting.

It used to be, in typical public discourse, and in the pursuit of truth, that excluding information that could more completely explain a story, is deceptive.

We know Joe did use the term Predator in a 1993 speech in support of his crime bill on the US Senate floor, and other times, but hey, why should a “Fact Checker” give the full story.

No instead give the half truth ensuring their companies more work.

I say enough is enough, each person must pursue truth, if not, should ignore the news.


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  • I’m old enough to have paid attention then , and now . The absolute deceit of Mr Biden and the company he keeps makes him the perfect Manchurian candidate. He’s stupid , he’s a liar , a bully , loves money more than life itself , He sells out so easily and the Chinese , Ukrainians & Russians have taken advantage out of this sh*t for brains for some time. 47 years in “goobermint” and exactly what has china Joe done ????. Sponsored a couple racist crime bills and the like ,support abortion , and all the while he has enriched himself and his family with filthy lucre off the taxpayer backs and international entities willing to buy his complicity. He is a vacant soul , a sellout to nation and citizen alike. His corruption and his stupidity are wide and well known. But yet a major political party thirsty for power again props up this dinosaur of racism and corruption up like soma for the masses. America has been truly dumbed down to accept let alone tolerate this kind of vacant moron for anything ….even dog catcher.

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