For those who love liberty, and all the freedoms given by God, enshrined in our founding documents, technology, and government intrusion is quickly encroaching on them.

If taken to their ends, it is possible in 2020, for an American citizen to be shut out of their culture, which was forecasted in George Orwell’s 1984 and prophesied in the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

In response to the question, a federal agency says employers can require workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued their guidance said that requiring a COVI9-19 test would not violate the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. The law bars employers from requiring medical exams such as blood tests that seek information on an employee’s physical or mental condition, but the EEOC said a COVID-19 vaccine does not fall under that category.

“If a vaccine is administered to an employee by an employer for protection against contracting COVID-19, the employer is not seeking information about an individual’s impairments or current health status and, therefore, it is not a medical examination,”

“If a vaccination requirement screens out a worker with a disability, however, the employer must show that unvaccinated employees would pose a “direct threat” due to a “significant risk of substantial harm to the health or safety of the individual or others that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation.” 

The EEOC said employers should evaluate four factors to determine whether a direct threat exists:

  • The duration of the risk.
  • The nature and severity of the potential harm.
  • The likelihood that the potential harm will occur.
  • The imminence of the potential harm. 

Many businesses and employees who have no intention of taking a mandated vaccine are searching for verification of what the laws exist pertaining to the rights of a business to reject a worker for COVID reasons or the employees’, who want to work but refuse to be vaccinated in light of their Constitutional right of privacy.

One attorney I found argues the employers can mandate the vaccine.

KREM2 reported:

It’s a simple question: Can my employer require me to get a coronavirus vaccine?

While the news is full of pictures of happy and relieved nurses, doctors and other frontline medical workers getting their first round of the Pfizer vaccine this week, various polls suggest not everybody is on board, even including some people in health care.

“The question is not totally settled yet, because the vaccine has not been generally available,” said Everett attorney Todd Nichols, who handles employment law cases. “But the consensus in the employment law community is that an employer can require a vaccination.”

Nichols said employers can require drivers of its vehicles to wear seat belts, and schools require vaccines.

“For example, it’s legal for an employer to hire non-smokers,” said Nichols.


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