Wow, Oprah is out and blaming white people, for their whiteness.

As a backer of the deceptive anti-white, anti-American propaganda piece, 1619, she continues her assault on people’s “whiteness” by bringing self-deprecating “white” Americans on her TV series, and along with another racist, leads these people in attacking the core personhood of everyday citizens who happen to be “white”

The Billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey declared in an episode of her eponymous series, The Oprah Conversation that “whiteness” and “white privilege” afford unspecified benefits to white people in the “caste system” of America.

Breitbart reports

In the episode entitled “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man: Part 1” — featuring former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho, Oprah Winfrey invited several white people to discuss “racism,” “white privilege,” and “whiteness.” Oprah praised her white guests for accusing themselves of being “racist.”

Oprah said:

There are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people — the caste system that’s been put in place — but they still, no matter where they are on the rung, or the ladder of success, they still have their whiteness.

[Whites have a] leg up. You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term “white privilege” is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter.

“It is the fundamental issue,” declared Oprah of racial assumptions.

The Wrinkle in Time star invited Seth, a self-described Jewish man from Manhattan, New York, to describe his “awakening” to his own “racist” self.

“You’ve become ‘woke’ during this period, and realized in that awakening that you are racist, right?” asked Oprah. “I just want to know how that happened.”

Seth replied, “I was born in the 70s. I was born and raised in Manhattan. I’ve always considered myself to be liberal. Now I’m not only a friend of people of color but also an advocate for [them], but this movement over the last month has been powerful.”

Seth indicted himself as a “racist” who is aspiring to become an “anti-racist.”

“I realized that I couldn’t be not racist,” continued Seth. “I realized that I either was a racist or an anti-racist, and I wasn’t — I’m not — an anti-racist.”

Lisa, a Minnesotan-turned-Californian, attributed “biases” to all white people, warning of “unconscious biases that white people — that we as white people — have.”

Emmanuel Acho said whites living a “white” life become “part of the problem”:

Here’s what I told my friends  with their white children. I said, “Y’all live in a white cul-de-sac, in a white neighborhood, in a white city, in a white state. If you were not careful. your children will live their whole life white, and at [the ages of] 26, 27, they’ll end up being a part of the problem, because you just let them and allowed them to live a completely white, sheltered, and culture-less life.

A growing challenge in the USA is this push from these anti-God Marxists, some “of color”, trying to divide us by race, color, religion, and economic class.

Using white “SJW” activists, some who are members of ANTIFA, as proof that “white” people when “Woke” can admit that they ARE racists, just like the rest of the white population, who are yet to self realize it.

Sickening, and must be challenged for what it is, Malcolm X re-packaged for 2020’s snowflakes and BLM activism.


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    • Ok, yeah. I think this is racist as hell. I am not racist and just because I am white does not mean I am a racist. And to say I personally have had white privilege is to say that she as a black woman is beneath me. So to accuse white people of white privilege is so messed up and inaccurate. There are enough people in this world that are blatantly racist, so we dont need to borrow or add to the problem by calling and convincing ALL white folk are racist. Thats idiotic.

      • Sounds like it to me also! And also she sure didn’t mind making a whole lot of money off of the racist white people!! I’m so sick and tired of being called racist because I’m white!! And I’m really tired of the term “white privilege”. My mom raised 7 of us after divorcing our dad. He was a alcoholic and never paid child support. She worked 2 jobs. We didn’t have much but we were clean and believed in God. We all grew up knowing the meaning of hard work. There was no “white privilege”!!! We are all good people who raised good children and our children raised good kids who worked hard in school to get scholarships and they worked through college and the ones that are still in college are doing the same thing. There is no crying from them that they aren’t getting their way. They are all good kids and I’m very proud of all of them!!

        • This is SO good that some of you (white) are having this conversation! The BLM and it’s followers don’t realize and I’ve said this my entire life because I saw hints of society moving in this direction and that is… if you call someone racist (which no one can really know or prove so it’s a dangerous, lazy and unfair word to throw around) enough times, you’ll make them one because you leave them no choice. I’m black and I don’t believe in this ideology of victim mindedness, of white shame or the BLM which is racist… Don’t believe for a second that those whom aren’t privileged, if they were that they wouldn’t eat it up themselves. One doesn’t choose privilege but one should most certainly USE it, it’s opportunity wasted if you don’t and this goes for anyone. The fact that other blacks can sit around publicly and complain and shame whites for something they haven’t done is a form of privilege. This wouldn’t have touched ground 20 years ago. So, my point? True equality is if a white person can’t do it (have a group called white lives matter without being shut down) then I can’t do either. I’ve lived by that rule my whole life because, equality isn’t special treatment for one group. You need to be brave, call people out and not ever… be shamed. This is ridiculous and it’s going to end very poorly if it’s allowed to continue because people are afraid to speak out for fear of being called a racist… which will happen no matter what you do so you might as well make it count.

          • Thank you for what you said. I grew up with alcoholic parents. Went to school and had no lunch many, many times. Had an ear infection for 14 years that they never took care of. Took me to fail 3 times and succeed on 4th try to get a career and off welfare. Being white did not get me anything in all those instances. Just because you were born white does not make you a racist.

          • JD, I applaud you. Thank You.
            I’ve tried my hardest to understand certain groups and why I’m accused of White privilege but it’s just not true, there are so many underprivileged white people as there are black people, someone said that white people dont get followed around in stores like black people do, well that’s not true, I lived in a middle class neighborhood and yes mostly white and when I went to department stores yes I was looked at and I knew I was being followed around.
            But that’s not even my point. My parents were not rich or privileged they made ends meet., but there were times when our water was shut off. My dad worked hard and my mother raised 5 of us ..
            And there were a lot of hard times so I just don’t get white privilege . I may be white but def not privileged.. Hard word and education is the key and I know every color can have this in our country must you must take advantage of it.

        • I thought Oprah was a believer. If that’s true why does she feel that anyone should apologise for being exactly what God created each of us to be? Is there inequality in this world? Yes, for sure. But expecting white people to feel shame for their skin color is absolutely racist and incredibly ignorant and dangerous. What is the goal here? I think it’s not to raise awareness and bring us all together. It’s to turn the tables and promote more racism.
          I’ve used to respect her.

      • I’m white and for me and my kids and grandkids….we owe other races nothing but mutual respect. I am not privileged!
        Zip code is the number 1 reason that people (not black, brown, white) have disadvantages.

      • I Agree with you 45again. And if Oprah is calling white people rascist because they are white , isn’t that rascist of her? And to top that off America has made her a millionaire that she evidently does not feel appreciative of …………

      • Amen!! I’m so sick of this,her and people like her! Guess what I won’t let you live in my mind Rent Free.Got it!!????????????????????????????????????????

    • She’s a frekin hypocrite…she wasn’t complaining when white people were in her audience or watching her fat ass on tv…really now…how about those ‘whites’ that buy ur crappy magazine?? Ya I’ve noticed more & more how racist u really are..u or ur idiot friend obumshit have never saud anything about the violence in chicago..CUZ U DON’T CARE!!!!

    • Hypocrisy when her wealth was built on an audience of white women and sponsors. She said nothing as Obama robbed pension funds of twenty seven trillion robing pension funds. No integrity and using spirituality for profit.

  • Wow. Oprah Winfrey is the last person who should complain about being oppressed. She started with nothing and now, thanks to the many opportunities this county she complains about offers, she is rich. The fact that she did something like this makes her look racist. Shaming people because of their race is being racist. Who are these caucasians who allowed themselves to be made to feel less than because of the color of their skin.

    • They are brainwashed so called college educated ass holes who are band wagon jumpers. If it’s trendy and they think it will make them look good in front of their friends then they are all in.

    • I agree, her supporters are from every skin color. She is on the overcome train. Hating everyone but her own. That’s sick

    • Thank God she never had children they would be raised up in her mess of what she calls life
      Another thing out Family is of many colors so we don’t put color in conversation nor in our lives

  • Oprah you can just go fuck yourself. You living in your 6 multi million dollar homes. Want to lecture me on privilege. You can stick it up your big fat ass.

  • I’m sick of people, especially people like Oprah harping on about “white privilege” I have no white privilege if anyone is privileged here it’s Oprah herself with her billions in the bank,her in her golden cage surrounded by alarms and bodyguards etc. Wonder when she last had to count out pennies to see if she had enough money to buy her dinner, switch all lights and tv off so you had enough electricity in the morning too make a cup of tea. Yes Ms Winfrey you are definitely privileged and black. Me I’m underprivileged, got ill health disabled and white. I’m not a minority so, no help for me. I will never understand these millionaires who moan about this W.P. you are just putting fools and sheep together bleating about their W.P. and they are stupid enough to do it. I see one racist person here and that’s Oprah herself.

    • I guess she forgot about something completely real, Black privilege, it’s true! Remember Affirmative Action? Now that is privilege! And to be honest I don’t care if someone wants to call me a racist, why? Because it’s the one word everyone cringes from and hates but I know and God knows it’s not true along with both of my biracial Son’s . I have been blessed with 2 very handsome black boys and 4 very handsome Mexican Son’s so call me racist all day and see how far that gets you. Nowhere ???????? God says All Men are created equal. That’s it nothing more to say

  • Why did Oprah choose a spiritual leader to bring on her show and promote that was white ,you know who I’m talking about,John of God the man that enslaved women sold their babies for profit the pedophile
    Was it because of her great wisdom?
    More likely a sic spirit

  • Oprah is the perfect example of how a person of any color or race can work hard and become an extraordinary success in the US. If she’s been held down by white privilege, wonder how many more houses and companies she’d have and how much more money? She’s FAR exceeded what Average Joe White would ever attain.

  • Does she think that by being a billionaire she is qualified to ‘educate’ American society? Does money excuse racism? She says NO, but she is producing this racist program. There is no such thing as ‘White Privilege’ nor is there ‘Systemic Racism’. These are fancy terms fabricated by Master’s and PhD candidates in Racial Studies.

  • I wish they hurry up and take your NWO population control child sex trafficking self to trial! Aren’t you tired of wearing that monitor. When you were knocked to the floor for your imbalance , you didn’t know your buddy Harvery would rather your pedophile self out. Your schools been run by oedophilia. John of god, jailbird. You knew. What you did to Michael. Karma . They only let you in builderburg because of money. You lose !

  • No dimwit, it’s money – lots of money – like your amount of money that makes YOU more privileged than any non- actor or politician white person I know.

    And Nancy Pelosi is harming Americans by just breathing. She needs to stop that too.

  • Oprah lives in the land of opportunity and did extremely well in her life. She’s achieved things I can only dream of having.
    I’m tired of being blamed for things I could never control by people who have a lot of money and elite connections.

  • It’s hard to pretend blacks are disadvantaged when Oprah is their spokesperson! LOL! A gazillion dollars…a entertainment empire…and to look at her it’s easy to see she hasn’t missed any meals. Really doesn’t seem like she was very oppressed to me. Just like all the other rich America haters who kneel before they play games for a living.

  • I hope all the morons out there remember that it was the white women of #whoresnation that allowed this overrated pos to gain prominence at the beginning of her ascension!!!

      • How about check your timeline. Gen X were teens when Oprah launched, and didn’t give two craps to watch her show, much less help “build” it. That was boomers.

  • oprah is just showing us her black supremacy side which is her normal side ! every black person will tell you that they can’t be racist……..only white people are racist !

  • In matters of politics, science and morality, I always turn to ignorant, drug addled, shallow, self-absorbed movie stars and celebrities for guidance.

  • WOW oh WOW Big O
    White people help make you what you are today. You self centered Bitch get off your high horse and look in the mirror and see the Bitch you are today.

  • Dear Oprah,
    If you pay me,see right now I’m white trash that was laid off,as where I don’t have to work again- like you ,before fame and fortune. I’ll go on the show and cry and whine as much as you need ratings , heck maybe I’ll become famous too! Have a nice day.

  • Ignorant Racist, if we are white we have such a huge advantage. When I was young looking for a job I told people I sometimes wish I was black and I would get the great jobs. For I was passed over for jobs with the same abilities, better test scores, only they needed to hire a black to fill the quota. So with affirmative action it gave him a huge point curve. Why? Because he was black.
    I’m really not white but 1/2 native American.

  • This is unbelievably disrespectful. I can’t believe a billionaire thinks she can impose this guilt scheme on all white people by getting a few guilt-ridden scum on her show.

  • Because all white people own a majority of a Hawaiian island right O? I didn’t realize my white privilege when as a child, we looked forward to hamburger night on Saturday, or a full meal comprised entirely of locally grown sweet that cost two dollars for a dozen ears. How racist of me.

  • Calling someone privileged because they are white, is judging someone by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. Hmmmmm….sound familiar??

  • Fuck you! You’re not white bitch, how the fuck do you know what white privilege is? Racist fuckn fat ugly bitch. FUCK YOU

  • I’ll NEVER apologize for being white! God created man, thats my belief. Others believe different, perhaps even Oprah who knows. I’m sick of people, black and white, causing division in this country. I can barely even watch TV anymore and I’m not alone.

  • Apparently being a chomo is getting to her head and she’s trying to take the spotlight off of herself and throw this out there so people won’t be looking into her nasty self. People aren’t BORN RACIST. Just because someone is white doesn’t mean they have “white privilege ” what the f*@% is white privilege anyways? Seriously go to hell Oprah. Or join me because we are already there…..

  • Oh Please.. get over yourselves. Blaming others, or in this case, the color of a person’s skin doesn’t make you bad choices in life acceptable, it just makes you a racists with an anger issue.

  • Was her sorry slack tail thinking that when she was in “the color purple”? She loved playing the part. No complaints then. Not to mention made $$ off white women watching her dumb show. She’s a blatant LIAR and the truth ain’t in her. I’m white, poor, always been, always will be by societies standards by I try to be a Christian and love all. She’s got “BLACK PRIVILEGE”…..if I were her I’d move my hide to Greece with her buddy Tom Hank’s and get the heck out of AMERICA you race baiter you!!

  • How many years did that racist pig Doprah spend in Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago Church of Black Liberation Theology (where Maobama spent twenty years)???

  • Years ago I remember a reporter saying that during an off the record conversation with Oprah that she felt that white folks were so lucky and that she wished she could be white and commented on herself that maybe that is why she has (had at the time) mostly white friends (even a husband) in her life’s circle. She didn’t like having black employees because she said she felt so guilty being around them and especially didn’t like telling them what to do.
    A lot of black guilt lives inside Oprah.

  • Like I said numerous times Doprah is a washed up old talk show personality tryna stay fresh and relevant but more less like a one hit wonder record….she wants to stay current by using divisive junk going on now to get ratings as she’s a has been. Sorry. Doprah you had yo fame go wither away in Greece!!

  • here’s a question…if I am white, how can I change that? other than getting a tan, which is bad for my health, there really isn’t a way, so therefore I am destined to be a terrible person for all of my days, based on what I read here. I am truly sorry if someone believes that my being white automatically makes me a racist. That is the silliest thing I have ever heard in my life. I work hard for what I have, I respect what others have, I don’t belittle people of any other race or color or persuasion or what ever and frankly, I resent being told that I am something I am not just because some woman says so.

    • It’s all division and conquer because if black folks knew who really were the racists (they hide behind the veil of anti Semitism) it would all come falling down. All of it. Life is a lie it’s best to just live your life and provide the example for other to follow

  • If Opra wants to help the black community as a whole. She needs to campaign the strengths and weaknesses of blacks. She’s from Chicago for God’s sakes. She knows allot more then the outsider. For some reason she excludes her insight and doubles down on outsiders opinion. Blame White people.
    My opinion of her integrity has dramatically changed. She hopped on the bandwagon!

  • Not apologizing for my skin color. BTW I am racist. Character racist. If you not worth a flip doesn’t go by skin pigmentation. There are two types of people in this world good or evil. You chose.

  • “That’s what the term “white privilege” is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter.”

    True. an average of 22 IQ points for starters

    • White privilege is the inability to blame others and the acceptance of responsibility and not being a victim. Maybe blacks should create their own award shows and organizations for themselves versus having Jewish people do it all for them. Look at the culture now hijacked by religious supremacists. Blacks are failing not because of whites because of those claiming not to be white but Semitic. Liars.

  • Her words are of no use to anyone . I am privileged to be a child of God just like everyone else. If all would do work for the kingdom of God the world would be a better place . Thank you David for helping us all understand when lies are being told so we can pray for peace

  • Really Oprah? You are worth billions and you earned that money with White people spending money on your show and your products. What a hypocrite you are. You are a racist and a fraud. You loved white people when you needed them. Now they are just white privileged. I have never known that white privilege. I have worked since I was 17 years old I am now 63. No privilege was ever afforded to me. I grew up poor in the state of MS. I couldn’t afford college I got to attend 1 semester then I had to get a job to survive. So take your white privileged BS and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  • We are more alike than different. The lines that divide and separate us are drawn by those who benefit from the conflict. If Miss Winfrey were white no one would know her name. Is that Black Privilege????

  • Oprah is a racist, hates white people but what is worse is that she will latch onto anything , sensationalize it to benefit her and make more money. She is first and foremost a capitalist. Don’t remember ever seeing a hospital wing named after Oprah.

    • The real WHITE RACISTS HIDE BEHIND THE VEIL OF ANTI SEMITISM but she won’t call them out for fear of being UNMADE

  • W O W !!!!!!! HUH !!!!!!! Being born white living a white’s life is the PROBLEM ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW !! I should have had a conversation with my parents to address this “problem”

  • Oprah works for and answers to the real who’re racists whom hide behind the veil of anti Semitism but she won’t call them out for FEAR of losing her wealth, money and power. She is the true slave but lies and blames you!! LOL huge fail Racist Oprah

  • This is SO good that some of you (white) are having this conversation! The BLM and it’s followers don’t realize and I’ve said this my entire life because I saw hints of society moving in this direction and that is… if you call someone racist (which no one can really know or prove so it’s a dangerous, lazy and unfair word to throw around) enough times, you’ll make them one because you leave them no choice. I’m black and I don’t believe in this ideology of victim mindedness, of white shame or the BLM which is racist… Don’t believe for a second that those whom aren’t privileged, if they were that they wouldn’t eat it up themselves.

    One doesn’t choose privilege but one should most certainly USE it, it’s opportunity wasted if you don’t and this goes for anyone, any race. The fact that other blacks can sit around publicly and complain and shame whites for something they haven’t done is a form of privilegeand racism, real and publicly approved racism. This wouldn’t have touched ground 20 years ago. So, my point? True equality is if a white person can’t do it (have a group called white lives matter without being shut down) then I can’t do it either. I’ve lived by that rule my whole life because, equality isn’t special treatment for one group. You need to be brave, call people out when they make ridiculous claims and empower that voice, we need it! And don’t ever… be shamed. This is ridiculous and it’s going to end very poorly if it’s allowed to continue because people are afraid to speak out for fear of being called a racist… which will happen no matter what you do so you might as well make it count.

    It’s upsetting to me that once we got a little bit of power, a voice and a following, we abused it with shaming whites, the narrative that we are victims, oppressed as if we live in the pre-civil rights era and calling everyone possible racists. Your voice is valid, needed and there are lots of people on the fence quietly feeling like they’re alone just as I have but forums like this bring them out. It’s a scary place in this age to have my opinion of what TRUE equality means. Equal, not just one. But, we have to call that out and will be vehemently opposed because far too much lenience for reverse racism has been given for too long. As is the world today.

  • And they are the ones going to teach your kids??????????? Where has the sanity and dignity of the people gone?

  • Thank God I moved to New Orleans 43 years ago. It is a big Gumbo of Races. New Orleanians know each other as People First race is secondary.

  • God chose my color just as he chose everyone else’s in the world. I will never apologize for being who God made me to be nor will I apologize or feel guilty for the life God gave me. Quit your bitching about who has “more favor in life” and LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE ! Make it the best it can be and be hopeful and be optimistic and be FAITHFUL ! Quit your bitching !!!!!

  • Oprah has made millions off of the American dream. The opportunities are there for all who are willing to take risks, it does not matter about color. Ambition and sound planning is what matters to all races who want to succeed. That and a decent amount of self esteem. Self pity destroys all who dwell in it.

  • Rich people have rich privilege. The whole system is design to give an advantage to people with money.

    Attractive people have beauty privilege. The whole system is design to give an advantage to people that are attractive.

    Smart people have intelligence privilege. The whole system is design to give an advantage to people with intelligence.

  • NO Oprah, you are the racists. I’m sick of these people trashing White Americans. Why doesn’t she take all her liberal friends, their money and their big mouths and just leave. We won’t miss you. Here is your racists

  • Notice how they mention that the US is a white country yet both of those black people are privileged. They have position and wealth, more than many white and black people. So if they are black, living in a black community in a black city, then they must be a black racist….the whole line is ridiculous. Oprah has already stated that she thinks old white people should all just die off. She is racist against the very race that supported her on her journey towards position, privilege and wealth…so continue to kick those supporters in the teeth…Oprah, what a disappointment, as a person, a women and an American.

  • I assume she would condemn black privilege in Nigeria, right? Or Indian privilege in India. Breathtakingly, horrifyingly racist–it’s how escapees from North Korea describe the reeducation camps.

  • “White People” still have THEIR “Whitness”!?!?! What the hell kind of statement is that showing to people of ALL races and colors?!
    WE are ALL Equals!!
    It is what YOU choose to do with YOUR life to make it better!!!

  • We have really seen the Areal Oprah the last few years. After hearing about that expensive bag in the top shelf for 30 years. We see , our eyes are open. You said a whole generation of whites will just have to die. But you seem to be on the short list . life is expendable. No innocent children and babies either. God sees All .

  • You know something I DON’T CARE, I am white and not wealthy like Oprah who made most of her fortune from (horrors) the white adoring public, who she now looks down to and berates us for our natural skin color.
    Who in hell does she think she is.

  • And can you please show me the slum house that she dwells in? And would you also show me the demographics of her neighborhood? Wait….she doesn’t even have kids…or a spouse. oh thats right she is linked with that pedo island where you sell kids for sex scandall. What race do you have to be for that?

  • She HAS ALWAYS BEEN A RACIST, she has ALWAYS KNOWN what GAMES SHE SHOULD WIN & which she should just ignore. Bravo BITCH!

  • Remember, she traveled numerous times on “The Lolita Express” and apparently uses adrenachrome manufactured from the blood of a terrified human which is filled with adrenaline extracted immediately upon death.

    Think of ‘black babies being aborted’ to create that much needed Hollywood drug and Oprah shooting the adrenachrome for the high.

    That’s who this animal is.

  • Replace the words “White and Whiteness” with Black and Blackness and all of a sudden your a racist. Typical Democrat double standards. This disgust me.

  • Lmfao. Huh. She climbed the corporate ladder on the backs of white people ? Did this other moron forget that the “ white cul de sac” kids go to school and “ other” people can live in these neighborhoods? Are you all saying people of color cant and wont live in these neighborhoods? Now who’s suppressing whom ? Un effin believable. Famous and historic people didnt get that way by saying “ poor pitiful me “ that goes for all colors.

  • There are privileged people of every color, race, religion and sexual orientation. For someone as “privileged” as Oprah Winfrey to call down the whole of white people is hypocrisy at it’s finest! I am white, a senior citizen who has worked since I was 17 years old. Nothing was given to me, I was not “lucky” enough to fall into a career that made me billions of dollars like you were Oprah, so when it comes to PRIVILEGE lady your black ass has it and my white one does not! So quit fueling the fires of racism and be one part of the solution instead of part of the problem!

  • “…whiteness…? Sort of like her hair styles?

    What a crock. As if Oprah Winfrey ever embraced anything intrinsically ‘black’. She spent half her career trying to convey the message that we are all equal. That made her alot of money. Now the black woman with ‘white woman hair’ and an entertainment media empire ( supported by a majority of ‘white people’ ) is making millions by pandering to a ridiculous narrative like the one she is now pushing. How scholarly. How intuitive. How stupid and offensive!

  • I’m so damn glad to see people taking this bullshit for what it really is, which is straight up BULLSHIT! Unfortunately she’s only half of the problem, these sorry ass lame’s who get up there and disgrace themselves and the rest of us are our real problem. But I’m glad to see that the rest of us are on the same page anyway.

  • Gee, America is a terrible country where a no talent black woman whose only talent is yoyo dieting can become a billionaire and then blame white people for whatever supposed crimes and/or privileges they are part of?

  • Yeah Oprah has been depressed and held back by the whites I’m calling BS! She who is the one with the most opportunity and a multimillionaire with multiple homes world traveler and Queen of the airways!!

    She is hiding from the fact she was on the Jeffrey Epstein flight list!!!! I will do my best to make her oppressed now! How dare she!

  • Hey Okra, you are nothing more than a rich, racist blabbering idiot. Your should be ashamed of yourself. You could do so much for so many of your fellow black Americans and your dumb. rich, pedofile self is so fucking ignorant and selfish that you can’t figure that out. You really don’t deserve the riches you have amassed because of the opportunities afforded to all Americans. You are so deprived and oppressed. How many WHITE people did you use and step on and over to get where you’re at, BITCH? STFU

  • What’s that saying… I’m Not A Threat! My grandson wore this written on a shirt made by my beautiful white daughter as they went to a protest in Manitoba, Canada. She actually provided her services FREE of charge for anyone wanting a Black Lives Matter shirt for the rally God Bless her soul. I’m such a proud mother because I raised my girls right even though we’ve suffered greatly at the hands of cops, natives, blacks, Asian and men being horribly horribly abusive towards us at times. Two wrongs just don’t make a right no natter how hard you try explain yourself! This planet and everything in it belongs to God the Father that’s all.

  • I used to watch Oprah as a lil girl with my grandma, and i never thought anything bad about her. In some ways with some of the shows shes done over the many years i actually looked up to her in some ways. BUT……. with the despicable crap that has been spouted from her sickening mouth makes me wanna vomit. How can she of all people say/or think that ALL blacks are beneath ALL whites. When she herself has had a HUGE career making millions and millions of money. And i dnt understand this “white privilege” we are in a country of opportunities u get what u make. U make opportunities arise for u or u dnt. And how can people think that just because of what color u are born with u automatically have to be racist. This whole chaotic mess hurts my heart for evryone suffering. We need that big red reset button.

  • Why do you blame light colored people to be better than dark colored people. It’s no ones fault how you are born. It’s how you are brought up. I’m 100% Native American and I don’t see color. I grew up poor but my parents always taught us to be humble to everyone no matter what color. We never even hear the word Racists. If you don’t like Black you are considered a Racists. I know a lot of people of color but that word never ever came in to mind. Besides you can’t force people to think any different. We are who we are and no will will ever force me or guilt me into anything I don’t believe. I’m Catholic and married a white Protestant. We never changed our religious status. There was no reason to do it.
    I just can’t wrap my head around all what is happening to our Great Country

  • She is a big racist,as she lives in her black world or does she.Where does she live anyone know.

  • This is part of their(deep state) mind control, brain washing tactic to make whites feel guilty for being white. They are trying to divide blacks and whites by using these tactics. Granted there are a very very small percentage of whites out there that hate black people, but I know there are far far more blacks that hate white people just because of this bullshit narrative.
    They are causing more white people to hate black people with all this misrepresentation of whites. I have seen some very angry posts towards blacks about this, and those people are falling right into the deep state trap of inciting hate and causing division. DON’T BUY INTO THE BULLSHIT

  • I understand the point she is trying to make – but it doesn’t hold up bc there are now laws protecting minorities, constitutional rights are for everyone with or without color, actually I feel that there is a lot of reverse racism – there are “good and bad” (crime/drug infested) areas in many colorful and colorless neighborhoods. It is up to the individual to cope with each situation and circumstance concerning their occupation/training – no privilege only hard work, honesty, good work ethic -I’ve always said, “ where there’s a will there’s a way!” I’ve worked 3 and 4 honest jobs to save money to put myself through school – no-one gave me anything! I’ve been turned down jobs bc I was white – the company needed to hire a black – that’s fine if they had the qualifications. There is no perfect world and people need to quit playing God!

  • Oprah really disappoints me. So does this white privilege crap. I will never apologize for being white. I sure won’t bow to anyone but God. Oprah has over stepped the boundaries of racism herself. I’m no longer a fan.

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