The Biden team and supporters want America to join them in making our entire country like St. Louis, Chicago, NY City, and Los Angeles.

Some special cities can even be like Portland or Seattle, where they fire police chiefs, including a black woman, leaving their neighborhoods under the control of anarchists.

What do all these cities have in common? Their mayors and city council majorities are democrats.

Another thing they have in common, lack of support for their police departments and District Attorneys who are not doing their job, but will prosecute law-abiding citizens for political reasons.

For example, corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has only brought charges on 33 of the 161 homicides in 2020 but it took President Trump and President Trump and Missouri Governor Mike Parsons to stop the unjust, attempted prosecution, of St. Louis residents, Mike and Patricia McCloskey.

The couple who were videotaped the evening of June 28th wielding firearms after they say people from a passing protest damaged their fence while trying to trespass onto the property.

According to Gateway Pundit, St Louis has almost as many murders as the “VIRUS” in 2020.

There’s a  pandemic affecting St. Louis and numerous Democrat-run cities this year.

** In July there were 12 Coronavirus deaths in St. Louis city.
** In July there were 47 murders in St. Louis city.

There have been 163 coronavirus deaths in St. Louis City this year.

And there have been from 161 homicides in St. Louis so far this year.

Wow, you can almost be assured, 2020 will end with more homicides, most without any charges filed by corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, than those who died from CV-19.

Well unless a democrat ask the coroners’ office to “massage” the reporting a bit.

My heart goes out to those who simply want to be left alone, but find themselves surrounded by thugs acting out, in response to the lack of law and order in their communities.


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