After the cancellation of the second presidential debate, the Trump campaign starting looking for an opportunity to fill the then opened time slot.

Last night, President Trump appeared in an NBC one-hour town hall. As expected, from the first moments, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie launched into her pre-determined attack asking Trump about “white supremacy,” and why he won’t share his taxes with the public.

100 Percent Fed Up – A dark-skinned woman seated behind President Trump at the NBC repeatedly nodded in agreement with President Trump as he calmly responded to the hostile host, who explained at the outset of the town hall that the crowd was a mixture of Trump supporters, Biden supporters, and undecided voters. Here’s a video of the woman nodding in agreement with President Trump as he responded to Guthrie’s attacks. Many were calling her the “star of the Trump town hall.”

Following President Trump’s outstanding performance, the venomous leftists took to Twitter to create havoc.

Tom Nichols, Senior Advisor for the anti-Trump The Lincoln Project, a PAC made up of establishment Republicans with a lot of money, challenged journalists to dox “that woman” who was “nodding behind Trump.”

As a hater, he seemed okay seeking consequences for the dark-skinned woman who openly showed her support for Trump, Although his motive was unclear, the response to his tweet was swift, brutal, and well-deserved.

“Its a dogs life” tweeted: Why are you asking “journalists” to dox a black woman? 

Onother person accused Nichols of voter intimidation for calling for the release of identities of black voters who support Trump.

The Trupporter shaking up the leftist is, Joli Mayra.

The woman nodding behind President Trump is an immigration attorney from the Dominican Republic.

She posted an exchange with President Trump that took place before the town hall on her Facebook page:

Regardless of Tom Nichols, Savannah Guthrie or Twitter etc., President Trump and his supporters can’t be separated , and should lead to another huge victory on November 3rd.

Vote, get your friends and family and anyone else voting RED to the polls too, our nation’s future depends upon it.


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  • Every time one of their nasty ads come on I turn the channel. They are nothing but a bunch of hate spewing bottom feeders. They should be shut down.

  • This is sickening. This kind of crap has to stop. Maybe if they were targeted with hate mobs who try and destroy their lives then maybe this hate filled BS will stop. This is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. This is the kind of crap that happened in Nazi Germany. She has a different opinion so she must be targeted with hatred, threats and intimidation. Maybe they need a dose of their own medicine. This crap must be stopped and idiots like this fool have to start paying a price for even trying to turn lose a hate mob on someone who doesn’t tow the line.