Tonight was supposed to be the second presidential debate, but when the Commission on Presidential Debates tried to give Sleepy Joe Biden a way out by switching to a virtual event, it all fell apart.

Instead both campaigns decided to instead do simultaneous town hall events, with President Trump on NBC and Biden on ABC.

President Trump had a solid night answering questions from various voters in the crowd, some leaning Trump, some leaning Biden and a few still undecided.

Joe Biden took part in a town hall on ABC hosted by Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos and again struggled to get through the 1 hour, without alienating some who are really trying to vote from him.

George did his best to avoid bringing up anything concerning Hunter or Joe’s mental lapses.

Just like the New Green Deal and disingenuous promise of no new taxes on those making under $450,000 a year, Joe struggled again with the questions.

He pushed Biden trying to get a concrete answer to Joe’s openness to packing the Supreme Court. This has become the main talking point for Joe’s aggravated far-left base looking for revenge for the expected confirmation vote for Amy Coney Barrett.

Why the push, Joe has been dodging the court-packing question for several weeks even recently telling reporters, voters “don’t deserve” to know whether he would pack the Supreme Court, which would in effect destroy the US Constitution by altering an entire branch of government.

Avetually Joe admitted that he’s “open” to packing the Supreme Court — a very radical idea being proposed by the Marxists, yet rejected by even the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

But hey, Joe let it slip that is a open to the radical idea!

So did Joe slip up by admitting that he is open to packing the court, if the GOP loses the US Senate, or was Joe simply agreeing to consider the idea of it even though it would be too destructive, for even him, to our Constitutional Republic, yet would appease the Marxists running his party?

With Joe’s pattern of lying and selfishness, no one really knows, but I think the consensus is a Biden Presidency, would do what ever the power players want, and in the end he would be rewarded very richly in return.

Power & Wealth – Joe Biden’s real purpose for pursuing the most powerful position in the world, it that scary or what?


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