University of Georgia students, faculty and staff staged a die-in protest on UGA’s North Campus on Thursday. The protest is hosted by the United Campus Workers of Georgia.

Dozens of students, faculty and staff sprawled out across the University of Georgia campus Thursday afternoon, playing dead to protest the university’s reopening plans as the threat of COVID-19 still looms large — larger than it did when schools first closed during the spring semester.

Cardboard and paper signs rested on their bodies, some depicting gravestones, others declaring “I can’t teach when I’m dead,” “How many will UGA let die?” or “When I said I was dying to get back to my classroom, I didn’t mean it literally,” video by the Athens Banner-Herald show.

In-person classes are scheduled to resume Aug. 20 at the Athens, Georgia university, but many staff and students are at odds with the school, and the University System of Georgia, according to an open letter.

Mask are required on campus, but that’s not enough, according to the United Campus Workers of Georgia, the group that organized the protest.

“Leaders across the University System of Georgia are showing callous disregard for health and safety and workers’ rights in their plans to reopen campuses for in-person teaching in the fall,” the group said in a July petition. “They are putting revenues over people.”

The group delivered an open letter that was written by graduate students and signed by students and allies from across the state to Morehead’s office.

The letter asks that graduate students be included in fall reopening plans and that the university make changes to its current plans.
The letter has over 1,000 signatures as of Aug. 6.

“Under the circumstances and given our mission to educate students, it is not practical or prudent to allow individual employees to decide whether to work from home or campus,” UGA President Jere Morehead said in a statement, the Athens Herald-Banner reported Wednesday.

“In order to plan for and deliver the high-quality educational experience our students expect and deserve, and to be fair to all employees, the University must apply consistent standards for work schedules.”

Another embarrassing day for Marxist professors, and college snowflakes, who in spite of the low death rates for CV-19, took their stands against returning to normal classes.

How will they ever deal with the flu or common cold ever again? My guess, more masks, and more goofy “die-in” photoshoots for social media mini-fame.

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  • When can we make their dreams come true- it’s obvious they aren’t smart enough to be Americans, purging them would be almost patriotic in their own eyes. I think we should help them.

    • That would be the wisest option. Keeping them on staff, paying them wages and benefits, seems a trifle ridiculous for people who don’t want to do their jobs.

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    This is why I #WalkAway from the Democratic Party after 25 years of being registered Democrat!