The older I get, the less I am impressed with people and sickened by arrogance.

COVID-19 has brought the worst out of a lot of people in 2020, as everyday Americans just looking to live freely in their own pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet are the recipients of their others irrational and aggressive actions.

The message from tyrannical politicians, don’t have fun but stay cooped up instead, alone. Don’t celebrate with family, for anything, because of the flu with a 99.98% survival rate.

The globalists run big media and tech companies have used the virus to scare a significant number of American’s into tyrannical controlled submission.

With the data showing VERY low death rates from those under 50 years of age without pre-existing conditions, selected “medical experts” are paraded into people homes, in their cars or through social justice warrior activists all day, every day.

Today on CNN they brought on Dr. Scrooge, Andrew Pastewski, to give advice for scared, some lonely people for Christmas. The doom and gloom doc message: “Christmas should not be fun this year.”

“Christmas should not be fun this year, okay? This should be part of the negative 2020 that we’ve had,” he continued saying Americans need to do just “little more work” — “a little more mask-wearing, a little more staying at home..and we’ll get there.”

“15 days to flatten the curve” in March and we are still being told “just a little bit longer” as we head into 2021.

I say to America, life is good because God is in control. If possible meet with your families, if you have medical conditions, talk to those you love online.

If you live under Tranny like NYC etc., follow the rules as you make your plans to move to places in the USA that still respect the US Constitutional rights of their citizens.


Eric Thompson

Conservative Independent Syndicated Political Writer and Talk Show Host.
Fighting to preserve traditional America, one article at a time. Owner of https://MagaBook.Com

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