The antiracists were back out in the streets last night.

Just like in Seattle, Over 100 Officers Have Left Seattle Police Department In Recent Months – Active Force Smallest In Decades, the Portland police department has low morale and staffing.

This recipe, pro-anarchists’ city council and mayor plus less police presence, has opened the door for mob rule in parts of town.

Protesters in Portland moved their march Friday night from downtown to a residential neighborhood on the city’s north side. Protesters chanted, beat drums, and shined strobing flashlights into residents’ windows.

Via Breitbart

A post on Twitter by Andy Ngo shows protesters marching through the neighborhood beating drums and shouting, “Wake up, mother f–ker, wake up!”

Alan Bings tweeted, “Antifa musical foursome “Dimwit” perform their smash hit “Paula Jones” at tonight’s #PortlandRiots after marching with their drum corps through residential neighborhoods. Hard to tell which is worse.”

The late-night protest brought an elderly woman to her front porch to observe those passing by, independent journalist Maranie R. Staab tweeted.

Can you image living in a community in which domestic terrorists march through your neighborhoods and local police have their hands tied by the mayor and city council?

If Joe Biden is elected your city may join Portland, leaving millions of Americans fleeing these cities in pursuit of safety.

When President Trump is re-elected, law and order will be restored in Portland, Seattle and New York City etc.

The choice is up to We The People, everyone must vote (R) on November 3rd.


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