CORRECTION: Joe Biden was speaking with George Lopez during the interview, and could have been referencing George Lopez.

You decide for yourself.

What started out as a LID placed on the Biden campaign for all day Sunday, ended up a disaster for Lying Joe participated in a virtual event 9 days from Election Day.

Showing Joe’s loss of the details, Biden appears, to some viewers, to confuse President Trump with someone names George. Some people think that he may have confused Trump with former President George Bush.

“…What kind of country we’re gonna be. Four more years of George…uh George uh he uh is gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected we’re gonna uh we’re gonna be in a different world,” said Biden.

Joe’s wife/caretaker Jill appears to nervously whisper “Trump” trying to aid the mentally fading presidential candidate appearing to struggle to remember President Trumps’ name.

Also in todays debacles, Biden was caught in another apparent lie, getting fact checked in real time.

As gently as possible and providing a little cover for Joe during their interview on 60 minutes, the interviewer implied that maybe Joe’s team has a different formula than what they used to fact check him.

Since math is verifiable, CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell included the fact-check correcting Joe Biden’s claims on the trade deficit with China: “lower in 2019 than it was during the last three years of the Obama administration”

My guess is, with more emails exposing Hunter’s criminal and moral failures expected to drop tomorrow, and needing to recover from tonight, that Joe will hide under his LID tomorrow, not coming out until sometime Tuesday.


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  • Still nothing on the Nobel Peace Prizes for the President.
    He had 3 now last night they got a cease-fire among Azerbzhaun

        • Nah! Pelosi… I wrote this down 3 months ago at work and sealed it in and envelope. Then handed it to one of my co-workers. IF, Trump doesn’t win, this is how it will go…

          1: Dispute in polls and it will go over time… Pelosi will at that point be appointed POTUS on Jan 20, 2021 @ 12:00p.

          2: Biden wins, (fat chance and I hope not), He will be out of Office inside the 6 months, like said above. Then either
          a: Nancy Pelosi be appointed VP or
          b: AOC be appointed VP.

          3: Joe will pass away either,
          a: Covid-19
          b: Die of some medical condition (ie: An induced heart attack)
          c: We will have a Presidential Assassination on him.
          —– either way in 3a/b, refer back to 2a/b —–

  • So Norah fact checks Biden in an after the fact caption .What she does not do is say THATS NOT TRUE ! to his face like Leslie did to Trump . Imagine if Biden got that ,how would he react ?

  • And who will they slide in to be her VP? I don’t believe the Dems ever planned on Biden actually serving as President!