It’s Saturday night in Memphis, the youth are looking for the things to do, and it appears several hundred teens coordinated to be dropped off, with their parents or other guardians, leave expecting to come back later and pick them up.

With all the news, mask requirements, and social conflicts, the Putt-Putt Fun Center, was open for business but did not expect to have huge numbers of unaccompanied teens dropped off at their establishment.

By the time the management realized what was happening, their location was in violation of the CV-19 rules covering the number of customers in the center at one time. The only solution was to close abruptly, for the “safety” of everyone involved.

Here is were, virus or no virus, some youth of today have been taught to destroy things when you don’t get your way.

The reason, the business did not reimburse the families for the early closure since it was their inundating of their location with teens and taking off which caused the necessity for the shutdown.

KTSM reported:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Things were quiet Sunday at the Putt-Putt Fun Center off Summer Avenue, but it was anything but quiet Saturday evening when things quickly turned chaotic.

“You are supposed to be with family and friends, so it’s supposed to be a fun place, but you see all of these aggressive acts,” Lucas Tremmel said when he saw social media video of the incident.

In a recently filed police report, the company said parents just started dropping off their children. Suddenly, there was a crowd of 300 to 400 people, causing the business to be in violation of CV-19 compliance.

The business decided to close up shop because of overcrowding, then the chaos erupted once employees said they would not issue a refund—instantly turning the fun center into a frenzy zone.

So the kids trashed the place.

“Those things can be talked over instead of resulting in physical violence,” Lucas Tremmel said.

The center’s general manager, Aaron Boss, said in the below statement that what happened is something the company has “never experienced in 57 years of business.” He said all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian moving forward.

“Unfortunately, yesterday evening we had an incident that we have never experienced in 57 years of business.  Parents chose to leave large groups of teenagers at our facility without their supervision.  Some of those people chose to create a disturbance the likes of which we have never seen.”

What happens when these unruly kids, act out in the future, but next time with weapons? I don’t think the question should be if, but when it will happen.

I hope the management of the Center is forward-thinking and preparing for what might be coming in their near future.

Eric Thompson

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  • And then liberals and “small hat” types wonder why whites do not want to be around blacks. It’s black culture that is the problem. Black DNA IS different.

    Let’s look at the differences between blacks and every other race…

    Europeans and Asians lived in harsh climates where life was (and still is) a struggle. In order to feed one’s self and family, it was necessary to domesticate both plants and animals. Ways were found that stressed preparing for the future, as there would be “lean” as well as “good” years when it came to animal and plant production.

    Both Europeans and Asians found ways to use plants and animals to insure their survival. Planning for the future was always a part of the European and Asian psyches. Social structures stressing “commonality of race and purpose” and preparing for uncertain futures was always part of the plan.

    Contrast that with blacks on the African continent, where both wildlife and animals were abundant. It was not necessary for Africans to establish agriculture or animal husbandry, as both were “there for the taking”. Africans cared little for future planning, not being able to develop any inventions, such as the wheel or boat. Among black Africans, there is no quest for exploration beyond searching for food—the next meal. Despite being situated on a great ocean, black Africans never pondered what lied beyond…

    Black DNA does not possess the capacity for exploration, future planning, or invention.

    The “grand experiment” of “civil-rights”, “(forced) integration”, and (misperceived) “equality” (that is still being pushed by “small hats”, globalists and others) is destined to fail. Thomas Jefferson realized over two-hundred years ago that blacks would not be able to co-exist without being treated as the different species that they are. The attempts to domesticate and normalize this species was doomed from the start.

    • Thank you for having the guts to tell the “obvious truth”. Even the ten% of civilized blacks can see it. I do feel sorry for that 10%, as some of them don’t want to be around other blacks either.

    • You surely aren’t serious with that load of racist crap! God created us ALL equal. No one color is above the other. Have you even read your bible to know that God was of dark skin? And , I am white and a conservative, so don’t spew crap that I need to go away with my liberal agenda. My agenda is that we are all one people with different shades of brown skin!!!!!

  • After looking at the video & reading some of the comments on Twitter. I consider this HEADLINE racist. There’s literally ONE no more than three kids destroying things and mainly ONE.
    How in the hell does someone get 300 BLACK kids destroying…when the video clearly shows otherwise! Not even the detail the eyewitnesses give talk about more than one to three kids DESTROYING things.
    I insist you take the story down and redo the headline!!!!

    • A perfect example of the American’s FIRST problem today. After all the PC attempts, since LBJ started this fiasco in the mid 60’s…we are all left with the biggest divide…black/vs/whitel we have seen since before the Civil War…the 8 years of “looking the other way”, forcefully, by Hussein…doubled down on what LBJ started. Now, DT has to clean up the mess the D’s…created (remember they created the KKK)…and now blame on Trump. Not gonna get any better till he gets his (guaranteed) 2nd term. Lots of crying and wailing on the D side…in Nov. Much worse than what happened to them all in 16.

    • I look at the film clips of the young people in Portland tearing up that beautiful city. The disaster is ascribed, accurately, to the entire bunch of young white morons, even though only a guestimate of about 20%, or less, of them are actually doing the destruction. They are ALL the pigs their parents turned them into. Why didn’t those refraining from throwing Molotov cocktails try to dissuade or prevent the others from doing so? They are ALL complicit.

      Same here. You’re right, it does appear that a very large percentage of the kids were not involved in the melee. Why didn’t they hold the young lady (probably a misnomer) back from her wild escapade? As they did not do so, one has to agree they are complicit, too. A bank robber’s driver, who waits outside in the car, is just as guilty as the one inside the bank.

      I have watched the video four times. If one pays close attention to the young woman with the white T-shirt and light blue pants, who does most of the damage, she appears almost animal-like. This isn’t normal, this is NOT a human being. Her stance, her movement, her entire demeanor, combing back to push the computer over, picking up the object off the floor, and throwing it, if one is honest one will see in that behavior the same one sees in the young great apes at the zoo, when they are denied. Go watch them yourself, as I have. The behavior is mimicked perfectly.

    • I agree with this comment Brenda. It was only a few, at least in this video, that were being destructive. The boy on the left looked like he couldn’t believe what was happening. The hero was the guy in red that dragged one of them out. So we need to stop painting everybody with the same brush. That only divides further.
      I’ve met a lot of people of all races, and most are really nice that just want to get along and live their lives in peace.

    • Screw your demands Berendia you and your liberal hating views are not welcome here. Away evil hag to the depths of wallow. The business owners should have pulled a 45 and shown then the error of their ways.

    • And there lies part of the problem . Why does the title have to even say what race destroyed the Putt Putt center? Why not just say “Teens”???? Once you label it, it becomes racist. Period. Why can’t people just be PEOPLE. No matter what color your skin is on the outside, we all have the same insides (male/female, etc.) SO, drop the racist crap. Bad kids are bad kids. Bad adults are bad adults.

  • Three hundred thugroe teenagers is trouble any time, anywhere. The business should sue each parent separately for restitution.

    • Mikey, agree…In the mean time…they should close the store and move to another, safe, location…Yall come to FL or TX…doesn’t happen here. Stay away from the major cities on the left (west coast) and NYC/Chicago…obviously.

      • Brenda: You and your ilk have labeled all of us who are white as “racist” only because of the color of our skin. I believe the made up term is “systemic racism.” This false narrative is based on a small percentage of whites who are racist. You believe that is perfectly acceptable. Therefore, using your logic, the actions of the one can be transferred to the whole group; so there were indeed 200-300 thugs trashing the place.

  • Another example of parents NOT properly parenting their children, not teaching them the proper way to deal with disappointment, or in this case not getting their way, even though it was of no fault of the establishment. Also not teaching them to behave like civilized people !

  • “These people are creating a terrible problem in our cities. They can’t or won’t hold a job, they flout the law constantly and neglect their children, they drink too much and their moral standards would shame an alley cat. For some reason or other, they absolutely refuse to accommodate themselves to any kind of decent, civilized life.”

    This was said in 1956 in Indianapolis, not about blacks, but about poor whites from the South. Nor was Indianapolis unique in this respect.

    A 1951 survey in Detroit found that white Southerners living there were considered “undesirable” by 61 percent of those surveyed, compared to 9 percent who ranked blacks the same way. In the late 1940s, a Chicago employer said frankly, “I told the guard at the plant gate to tell the hillbillies that there were no openings.” When poor whites from the South moved into Northern cities to work in war plants during the Second World War,”occasionally a white southerner would find that a flat or furnished room had ‘just been rented’ when the landlord heard his southern accent.”

    More is involved here than a mere parallel between blacks, Southern whites, and historically inept whites of today who are ignorant to history.

    Race and ethnicity are different entities. While both are social constructs, race is associated with the idea that there are innate biological differences and has largely been discredited. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is associated with culture, religion, language, etc.

    This subterfuge functioned as the racial bedrock of American popular culture after 1900, especially manifested in minstrel shows, Vaudeville theater, songs and music, film and radio, and commercial advertising. So pervasive was the racial demeaning of black people, and so accepted was it by white Americans throughout the nation, that blackness became synonymous with silliness, deprivation, and ignorance. Most white Americans are taught by a nefarious media that all Africans and their descendants were racially inferior to whites, and that their common inferiority tied them together wherever they might live anywhere in the modern world.

    I surmise this is your stereotypical entry into an attempted callithump? And what does intersectionality have to do with feigned superiority?

    To the unwary there are myriad ways to slight others. It’s not a good idea to nounify adjectives. When you use headlines such “Mom’s Striking Photos” or “300 Black Teens Destroy Putt-Putt Fun Center in Memphis After They Were Denied a Refund,” the bias and opinion steering is clear.

    It’s an indictment to suggest that you’ve chosen the characteristic of a plural implied. That in itself bestows some essential similarity despite your unabashed debilitating levity. Not one mention of whites throwing bombs at police in Portland or attacking police officers in Louisiana with a shotgun. And your idea of black civilization is this out-of-control teenager?

    In 1798, Count Constantine stood at the Sphinx of Giza when the lips and nose were intact. During the French occupation of Egypt during the Napoleanonic campaign, the noses and lips were blown off removing the African features. He wrote: On seeing the head, typically Negron in all its features, I remembered the remarkable passages of Herodotus who said “the ancient Egyptians were true Negro of the same type as all native born Africans. Just to think that this race of black men are slaves and the object of scorn –the very race in which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech.”

    For most clueless Americans, “black” immediately conjures up images and whatever negative thoughts can be accumulated. Few question these perceptions or ask how they came to be so deeply lodged in the collective American consciousness. All one has to do is turn on the TV, pick up a magazine, or browse the Internet. Read the articles, but look carefully at the surnames for the answer.

    Before the British slavers landed on Africa’s western coast, they sold white working class people (“the surplus poor” as they were known) into slavery. Tens of thousands were kidnapped children. In fact the very origination of the word kidnapped is “kid-nabbed,” the stealing of white children for enslavement originally for exportation to the plantations of North America. The chronicle of white slavery in America comprises the dustiest shelf in the darkest corner of suppressed American history, ignored by dusty minds.

    There will only be racial understanding when knowledge of historical truths are widespread and all can negotiate from positions of strength and not from fantasies of white privilege and the uniqueness of black suffering brought to you by CNN, Yahoo, or director Jerry Bruckheimer–all stemming from ignorance. Considering the genetic medley of Homo sapiens, the human family cannot be assigned to a definite place or to definite places in a system of perceived white privilege, some stupefying system of class, yet alone classificatory divisions. If those who use racial stereotypes are looking through racist-tinted lenses, even the most accurate truths and fact will be the same color as the racial stereotypes –America, the hue of our culture –as brought to you by the uninformed, uneducated visionaries as the purveyors of our nefarious cultural compass. Thus if we want to know how Americans who can’t think for themselves know about blacks, or American history, we must look at the more general superficial culture in which our lenses are manufactured, or in this case, focused.

    Then comes the typical stereotypes you mention: IQ, impulsiveness, proclivity to crime. Next comes the scientific and stupefying claims they are biology-based.

    That stereotype is no different from the Jews who cooperated with the Nazis, pushing their fellow Jews into the gas chambers –they were saying in effect, “Look, we’re the good Jews, we’re helping you, please don’t kill us!”

    Anyone can fling stereotypes: You felt the need to take one to the realm of superman –where the demented saint, stands erect and benevolent as he imparts the world of darkness with the light of salvation and his iPhone.

    Your existence tears at and accuses you, and yet your face is firm in resolution, in absolute persistence; the folds of skin do for steadiness; The bloated body –a testament to drinking far too much Keystone beer says: I am superior. The Mexican invaders laugh at you and refer to you as racists and dare you to do anything about the invasion of the US. You’re far to busy and rather focus on blacks. It’s much easier to feel superior than to actually be.

    Next, you and the gang of bearded apes are proposing your intentions to patrol the backwoods of the Web enforcing white supremacy and preventing people going about their lawful business. I’ll be interested to see how that works out for you. I know quite a few reasonable Americans, and I can’t imagine any of them likely to tolerate having their manhood, reality television shows, and their lives interfered with by a bunch of puffed-up blow fish in pajamas hiding behind keyboards attempting to convince adults that the difference between black and white is exactly what you think it is…

    • I agree with your overstated premise, but this is a comment section, not a classroom. I’m sure most people stopped reading after the first few sentences. You don’t need all that preamble and explanation to simply say:

      “Wow, that’s one racist headline.”

      Then, if you want to debate people, you can publish such a screed as the one you typed here in response to them.

      Or don’t. You obviously think much of yourself and like to see many words assigned to you.

    • I started laughing after the first few words. Your writing reminded me of another narcissist who had to remind everyone, including herself that she had a PhD in every blog she wrote, hence someone, including herself forgot her superiority in accomplishments. A narcissist who needs to obtain hierarchy over the underlings with their fancy words and use of over bloated dictionary “big” words. Where are your properly cited references (footnotes) that I believe if you are quoting something written by someone else, legally need to be sourced at the end of your paper. Which, clearly, this is a paper, possibly your Thesis paper you wrote for that degree you pompously shove down the throats of unsuspecting commentators for a news article in a blurb about the outrageous, heinous display of thuggery from little snots who think they are entitled to have and get everything they want. I feel sorry for your students who probably suffer migraines sitting and listening to your babble and have to enroll in psychiatric care after just a few weeks of your droning, monotone lectures about nothing. Probably have no idea what they were suppose to learn from your diarrhea of words. Good Grief

      • The “reporter” didn’t even use the right form of the word “where”. They wrote “were”. This and the sentence structure throughout the article, AND the racist title, tell me this is a untrained writer. This article shouldn’t have even been published.

  • OK , so find out who the “parents” are, and place them under arrest, and force them to PAY to fix the destruction cause by these unruly thug brats they TAUGHT to “act” this way.

  • There is absolutely no fix for stupid. It doesn’t matter if it was 300 or 30 individuals. They are low life scum who most likely will amount to nothing in their sad little world..

  • Stop welfare. Let the freeloaders starve in the gutter, instead of biting the hand that feeds them. Seedy politicians who enable freebies are even bigger biters of the hard working, tax paying person’s hand. Starving bastards (meant literally) are too weak to riot.

  • The parents, of these children of today, must be so proud! All growed up and just like mommy and daddy. The disrespect from these people is completely disgusting! Maybe, one of these days, karma will pay them a visit. A well deserved visit. These people are a complete embarrassment and deserve NO sympathy. But then again, they probably don’t even care. I call them “ASS TURDS”

  • It is so typical response/behavior from the group that represents just 12.9% of the Country and that commits the majority of criminal behavior and where prisons have same majority for same uncivil behavior!

  • I don’t see 300 “thugs” destroying a business. I saw 4-5 of them acting out.

    Where are all these thugs you referenced?

  • Good video to identify all the little dumb terrorist kids. Identify each, give them some jail time so they can experience the real world and make their dumb ass parents pay for all the damages. Sounds like a proper solution.

  • These are animals, not people, and certainly not nice peaceful people! I bet the parents of the one girl who seemed to be a ringleader are quite proud of her! I have an idea, enlist her in the military where her violent nature could be put to use in some war torn hell hole!

  • With stupid people like what is shown how can BLM work? any progress made with racial overtones is lost. No matter what they don’t have the right to ruin this business or any other business.