It’s 2020, in the midst of hundreds of American’s testifying under oath and signing affidavits of witnessing, analyzing, or being prevented from monitoring mail-in ballots processing. Just a year ago the democratic party was questioning the electronic voting machines in an overall concern of potential election fraud.

The left’s slogan starting in March was every vote should count which eventually led to progressive governess and secretaries of state to modify election procedures and allow for massive mail in voting, some even bypassing voter verification steps.

For example in Wisconsin

No photo ID was required in Wisconsin for “indefinitely confined” voters. A big concern to start with but where the red flags have risen is the increase in the number of ‘Indefinitely Confined’ Wisconsin Voters who can vote without IDs Increased from 60,000 in 2016 to Over 200,000 in 2020.

In light of all the inconsistences, President Trump is asking for states to investigate and make sure only that only legal votes should be included in the final count.

As expected, Barack Hessien Obama and dozens of other party leaders are out mocking the president for not conceeding the election to Joe Biden.

What screams of hypocrisy is that back in 2008, before the Democrat Party completed their transition into an unashamed Marxist organization Barack Obama argued that mail-in ballots can only be trusted if the signatures are verified.

Barack Obama: Well, I think we have to figure out whether this is fraud proof. I mean, Oregon has a terrific mail-in system but they’ve already scanned everyone’ signature whose registered to vote so that they can check to make sure that in fact the right people are voting.

Back in 1996 Obama challenged the mail-in ballots for these competitors running against him for an Illinois state senate seat.

This is why the Trump team is pushing on in pursuit of truth, rejecting calls for a concession from those whose political lives are full of hypocrisy.


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