Huge Crowd of Protesters Go to the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong With ONE Message For Trump

A massive crowd gathered for a pro-democracy march in Hong Kong on Sunday in efforts to ramp up pressure on Beijing after three months of huge and violent protests.

More from Yahoo News:

Millions have taken to Hong Kong’s streets over the last 14 weeks in the biggest challenge to China’s rule since the city’s handover from Britain in 1997.

The protests were lit by a now-scrapped plan to allow extraditions to the authoritarian mainland, seen by opponents as the latest move by China to chip away at the international finance hub’s unique freedoms.

But after Beijing and city leaders took a hard line the movement snowballed into a broader campaign calling for greater democracy, police accountability and an amnesty for those arrested.

Sunday’s protest featured another massive turnout for a movement that has gripped the semi-autonomous territory and plunged it into a political crisis.

Dense crowds of protesters spent hours slowly filing past Washington’s consulate in the thick tropical heat. Many waved US flags, some sang the Star Spangled Banner, others held signs calling on President Donald Trump to “liberate” Hong Kong.


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