Florida Man Buys 100+ Generators to Send to the Bahamas, But That’s Not All

A Florida man, who chose not to be named, has stepped forward in efforts to help the devastation in the Bahamas, and it’s gone absolutely viral.

An anonymous man was seen in Costco purchasing 100 generators, at $450 each for a whopping total of approximately $45,000. That’s not all though! He also purchased pallets of food for Hurricane Dorian victims. It’s not often such wonderful acts of kindness are seen. We need more people like him!

More from News4Jax:

Alec Sprague, a Jacksonville resident, told News4Jax he went to Costco off Collins Road to buy a generator, and he saw a man purchasing over 100 of them.

The man, who is not being named, was purchasing the generators and food to send to the Bahamas.

Sprague said the generators cost around $450 apiece. He made a post on Facebook.

The post was shared 17,000 times in three hours.


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