Fencer Takes Stab At Being A Social Justice Warrior – But Has No Solutions

Left-Wing Documentarian and Democrat fanboy, Michael Moore, tweeted this week about an American fencer that took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. I feel confident that this is the first article most of you have ever read about fencing, but unfortunately, Michael Moore is a limelight leech that bounces from activist to activist using them to stay plump with relevance in between his failing movies in the twilight of his career.

Race Imboden was the fencer that took a knee, and he did so because of “racism, gun control, mistreatment of immigrants, and a President who spreads hate.”

The now-famous-for-fifteen-minutes fencer did announce that those issues needed to be addressed but did not offer guidance of any type. Imboden did not offer an immigration policy to border states, he did not offer advice to the Democrats that run Chicago on how to curb their gun violence issues, and he did not offer any information or examples of President Trump spreading hate or racism. Imboden used the kneeling as an opportunity to shine a light on himself and show how “woke” he is. It must have worked, since fencing became national news for the first time, ever. Everybody is rushing to read articles to discover what the brave fencer, Race Imboden’s platforms and solutions are for this troubled country. Spoiler alert: he has none. At least Kaepernick handed out suits to people on probation.

Maybe Michael Moore recognized a little bit of himself in Imboden. He’s a guy with a decent amount of skill in something nobody really cares about, specifically, feeling entitled to more attention than he gets. They are both ashamed of their country and have no ideas on how to fix it. He’s another “hero” celebrated by the liberals for his “sacrifice.” Imboden latched onto a movement that lacks sustenance and solutions, and his virtue-signal could be seen by Moore all the way from Hollywood – and it paid off.

Do you think the fencer, Race Imboden, took a knee to get attention?


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