Democrat Candidate Andrew Yang Gets Elon Musk’s Vote – Is He Different From The Rest?

Democrat longshot candidate Andrew Yang received some unexpected support this weekend from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The chain of events began with history podcaster Dan Carlin tweeting a reaction to a statement Yang made and then Musk commenting on Carlin’s statement.

This is a novel idea in politics, particularly for contemporary Democrats who insist on demonizing anyone who disagrees with their policies. It is a common tactic throughout the Democrat party to call those that ideologically disagree with them racist, transphobic, or a Nazi. Yang is taking a refreshingly different approach to wooing independent voters, and some of his policies do need to be challenged.

Yang is in support of a Universal Basic Income for every citizen over the age of 18. His plan is to apply a VAT tax at the point of sale of 10% for any goods or services, which would in turn fund a $1,000 check to be distributed to each citizen every month.

Fox News reported on how Yang compared his income plan in comparison to Harris’ $500 a month plan:

Last year Harris introduced a bill in the Senate called the “LIFT the Middle Class Act” to address the rising cost of living for middle class and working families. While it’s not a universal basic income, it would send up to $500 each month to working families through tax credits. While she introduced the legislation before she announced her candidacy at the beginning of this year, Harris has been highlighting her proposal on the presidential campaign trail.

Asked about the Harris plan, Yang told Fox News “$1,000 bucks a month is twice as good as $500 bucks a month and Americans can do the math.”

At the very least, Yang is not a complete carbon copy of his fellow Democrat candidates, but his plan to apply a heavy taxes and bribe voters does not make him stand out, even with Musk’s blessing.

Do you support a Universal Basic Income?


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