Chuck Schumer Proposes FBI To Approve Body Armor Sales

Apparently, Chuck Schumer doesn’t think that the FBI has enough to do. His newest legislation would require the FBI to “sign off” on the purchase of body armor. He did not go into detail about what “sign off” entails.

This legislation is in reaction to the active shooter incident that occurred in Dayton, OH last week where a man wore a bullet-proof vest while going on a shooting spree.

The NY Post reported on the announcement:

Schumer said anyone can now buy a bulletproof vest for $185 and a tactical mask for $10 under current law, Schumer said at a press conference at his Midtown office.

“With the click of a mouse, scroll of a thumb, dialing of a phone, someone up to no good can get this,” he said. “What we have learned is that a good number of those intent on mass shootings buy body armor,” the Senate minority leader said. “They want to kill as many people as possible.”

Right now, it is legal to purchase a bullet-proof vest via telephone or internet in 49 states. In Connecticut, you must make the purchase in person. Convicted criminals are prevented from buying body armor by federal law, and many states add additional years to those criminals that commit crimes while wearing protection.

Schumer’s new law would not apply to law enforcement.

Elizabeth Warren’s new gun control plan comes with a threat to gun manufacturers, in that they can be held liable if their products are used in a violent act. One may wonder if the FBI would want to add themselves to list of people Warren would put in prison for the unpredictably violent behavior of a citizen over whom they had no control.

The critics of the proposal are concerned that the Democrats are already attempting to ban rifles, and now they want to ban body armor. These are two methods that people can currently use to protect themselves that the Democrats are trying to stop. The sales of bulletproof clothing and accessories are on the rise this year. Shirts, suit coats, even purses and backpacks have stylish bulletproof options, but it is unknown if any of them will fall under Schumer’s new plan.

Do you support the FBI intervening in the purchase of body armor?


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