Bill De Blasio Event Attracts 15 People – None Of Them Left Impressed

Bill De Blasio intended on speaking to a large group of potential voters in Iowa this past weekend, but only 15 people showed up.

De Blasio repeated his usual talking points that the working class is getting robbed and the “rich are getting richer.” His campaign slogan is “working people first,” and vilifying wealthy people as lazy non-working parasites in the Mayor’s clear strategy to win the White House.

The polls put him dead last in the pool of 25 candidates, and he did not do well with the small Iowa crowd of 15. Several people that were questioned described his speech as “divisive” and “not enough.” De Blasio struggles to stand out amongst the Democrat candidates, and his Robin Hood act is not motivating anyone to vote for him.

This might be the last time you see Bill De Blasio winning at anything:

There may have been more protestors there for Bill De Blasio than supporters. A group of police officers continues to show up at his speeches to bring attention to healthcare cuts and the lack of support he has given the NYPD over the years. Thousands of fake dollar bills with De Blasio’s face in the middle were reportedly handed out by protestors in Iowa in reference to a homeless shelter that De Blasio insists be put in a building that “is plagued with serious fire and safety issues that could cause a loss of life.”

Daily Wire reported on the quotes about De Blasio from some of the leadership back in New York:

De Blasio also couldn’t escape criticism back home, with fellow New York politicians calling him out for missing the annual Dominican Day Parade.

City Councilman Ben Kallos, a Democrat, said the mayor should have been at the parade to “see the diversity that makes this city and country great.”

State Attorney General Letitia James, also a Democrat, told the Post that the “mayor should definitely be here” and that he “has a lot of potholes to fix in the city.”

Mayor Bill De Blasio is losing in New York, and he is losing in the polls for President. President Trump has mocked De Blasio by calling him “the worst mayor in the U.S..” De Blasio continues on his campaign and has secured a sad 0.3% of the votes in the latest polls. It is unknown how much longer De Blasio will continue to waste everyone’s time running for President.

Should De Blasio drop out of the race?


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