5-Year-Old ‘Miracle Girl’ Survives Father’s Murder-Suicide By Train Attempt

Fernando Balbuena, a 45-year-old married Bronx father of two, jumped in front of a New York City subway car while holding his 5-year-old daughter. The daughter surprisingly survived the incident that killed her father.

Balbuena reportedly said, “With God, with God, with God, here comes the train” in Spanish to his wife on the phone before leaping in front of a moving train.

Balbuena’s daughter is now being called “The Miracle Girl,” but is struggling to understand the concept that her father is permanently out of her life.

Fox News reported on the incident.

“Ferni was very close to him,” said Caraballo. “After what happened, she is saying, ‘Daddy is in the hospital. He hurt his stomach.’ ”

Now, both Ferni and her 2-year-old brother, ­Fernandcq, will be forced to grow up without their father.

Caraballo acknowledged Balbuena’s long-running battle with depression, but said he was on medication, and that Monday’s act was stunning.

“My husband is a serious man, responsible, quiet and reserved,” she said. “He was in treatment, he took his medication. We are all in shock.”

Caraballo said she is hopeful Ferni is young enough that the trauma won’t be burned into her memory.

“It is going to be a process, her living through that,” she said.


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