WATCH: Why Trump’s Policies Are Secretly Loved By Some Liberals – Jack Brewer

Our boss, David J Harris Jr, is a busy man these days. On his Facebook page, many of you have expressed your concerns for his absence on the live video feeds, but rest assured he is alive and well.

He has been in demand as a speaker from coast to coast and has given presentations from everything from political campaigns in California to the White House in Washington, D.C.

He is currently in Virginia for another engagement, and among those whom he will be interviewing is football legend, Jack Brewer.

Jack Brewer is an outstanding example of how hard work and an unselfish attitude can combine to make a man a great leader and mentor to others.

During his professional football career, he was a safety with exceptional special teams records to his name.

Even though his time in pro football only spanned about five years, he played for four different teams, and out of those four, he was awarded the position of Team Captain on three of the teams for whom he played.

Jack is also a successful businessman. He is the founder of The Brewer Group, Inc, “a global impact investing and consulting firm with a portfolio that covers financial services, healthcare, agriculture, sports, and media properties.”

In a recent interview on Fox News, Jack talked about several different things that have happened in the last three years with President Trump’s policies and his administration.

One of the things that he mentioned in the interview might make some of the radical liberals’ heads explode, but the more sensible ones would likely agree with his belief that some Democrats are secretly admiring what the president has managed to accomplish in three short years. (Who knows, when it comes time to vote, perhaps many of them may secretly pull the lever for Trump as well!)

From Fox News:


Imagine a country where the president was promoted by the media as a far-right extremist, yet his signature policies align with the core issues preached by far-left liberals.

If we could remove the double standard, President Donald Trump would likely be more popular with liberals than favorites like Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy.

In under 3 years, Trump has accomplished many of the things that Democrats, for years, have promised they would do.

Since Election Day 2016, the media has freaked out about things that Trump has never done while refusing to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments of his administration

Peace Not War

Think back to the 2016 election and the widespread liberal narrative that President Trump would likely create wars around the world. The president wasted no time leading a swift and effective strike to dismantle ISIS soon after taking office, losing very few American lives and leading to an ongoing push to bring our troops home.

Illegal Immigration

Liberals across America have branded President Trump as a “racist in chief” because of his efforts to protect the border and hold illegal immigrants accountable for breaking the laws that govern the United States.

The attack on our ICE department and the constant pushback against enforcing our border walls caused me to dive deeper into the realities of the Trump administration’s immigration policy enforcement compared to his predecessors.

My jaw literally dropped when I realized that President Obama deported 3 million illegal immigrants during his two terms, nearly double the pace of President Trump.

Mass Incarceration

Liberals have long stood up against mass incarceration — from the NFL kneeling debate to Hip Hop artists using their platforms to promote and lobby for criminal justice reform.

From my knowledge, only Kanye West has been real enough to give the president credit for taking the first major step to end the decades-long mass incarceration of black men in America.

Award-winning singer John Legend went as far as to put himself and his wife in the limelight for criminal justice reform, seeming to take credit for the Trump administration’s signature civil rights accomplishment. You’d think that the release of thousands of black men would give the Hip Hop world a lot to rap about. Unfortunately, the second that businessman Trump became President Trump, the rap community’s love turned to hate.

The president even helped get rapper A$AP Rocky out of jail in Sweden, yet the rapper didn’t have the decency to say, “thank you.” Imagine if Obama or Clinton had delivered the same favor?

The above are excerpts from a much bigger article which you will find at the link posted above.

The bottom line, as I see it, is that Black America is waking up to the truth that the Democrats have been abusing them for many decades. They heard Candidate Donald Trump when he asked them, “What the Hell do you have to lose??”

Now that we have the past three years to look back on, many more blacks, as well as other minority ethnic groups, are seeing that President Trump is a man who KEEPS the promises he makes. His policies have benefited everyone.

However …and that is a LARGE “however”… the hard left of the Democrat party continues to froth at the mouth with the hatred of anything Trump. It’s too bad that they refuse to see the truth rather than be blinded by the hard-left ideology. There have been so many good things that have happened that there is no way to enumerate them here.

As for me, I will be stepping up to the ballot box with my vote to put President Trump back in the Oval Office for a second four-year term.


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