WATCH: SecState Pompeo – NO Plans to Evacuate Baghdad Embassy or Pull Troops from Iraq

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday’s Fox News “Special Report” stated that there are NO plans to evacuate the United States Embassy in Baghdad OR pull any of our American troops out of Iraq.

|Opinion| DW | Having been an active military member, it’s been a looooooooooooong time since I felt such a tangible sense of resolve and determination from our nation’s leadership.

It’s very inspiring to watch and listen to men like this who have a real backbone.

President Trump has set a furious pace in his attempts to restore the respect of the rest of the world towards the USA, and his and Secretary Pompeo’s response to this terrorist attack is second to none in the display of decisive strength and determination to defend the lives of Americans at risk from terrorist attacks.

I feel blessed that nearly half of my active duty time occurred during the Reagan years. He carried and conveyed such a powerful sense of honor and patriotism that it inspired us to stand and be proud that we were Americans.

From the time Reagan’s term ended until now we’ve had spurts of patriotism, but the mess we got from the Obama administration with Crooked Hillary in the Secretary’s slot turned us so far away from the standard President Reagan raised that many Americans could do little more than hang their heads in shame.

Now then, having said all of that, here’s what I hope will develop from this situation.

President Trump has routinely and consistently set his sights on re-establishing American sovereignty around the world.

What I hope comes of this is a plan to set the locals on their own two feet and inspire their determination to stand up and fight for their own country and take it back from the terrorist regimes in the region so that we can withdraw our troops and our presence in the Middle East.

Many may ask the question, “why are we still throwing our efforts to fight for the countries whose leaders hate us?” It’s definitely something that deserves a clear answer.

We know the president hates the idea of us wasting our money subsidizing the defense efforts of other countries, and I believe I’m correct to say that his long-range view of our military involvement overseas is to get us out, once and for all.

President Trump has taken many great strides towards getting our soldiers out of harm’s way in other nations’ affairs, and I plan to watch this with great interest to see how he fulfills his promise to get us out of the Middle East. He has a way of boomeranging attacks against him and the USA to achieve an outcome quite different than things first appear.


  1. The problem with America “getting out” of other countries is that when America does leave it leaves a vacuum in that country that the enemies of America start to fill and wants to overthrow, so, America has to remain, “in country” to keep that from happening.


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