[WATCH] American Flag Replaced with Mexican Flag By Protesters at ICE Facility

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As expected, the protests against the impending doom of deportation of illegal alien criminals (…the thought that it is impending doom is obviously dependent on your point of view…) are already starting. A group of protesters in Colorado gave us a little preview of the prevailing attitude of entitled illegals and their support base in the Democrat party.


This report comes to us from Breitbart News:

Protesters outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday removed an American flag from its flagpole and replaced it with the Mexican flag.

Reports said they also removed a Blue Lives Matter flag and spraypainted the words “Abolish ICE” on it, then hung it upside down next to the Mexican flag.

Officials restored the American and Colorado state flag to their place on Friday evening once the crowd had dispersed.

Reports state that hundreds of people gathered outside the facility where illegal immigrants are housed to protest the ICE raids scheduled to begin on Sunday.

“The majority of protesters on site were doing so in a peaceful and law-abiding manner,” the Denver Post reported.

One of the groups hosting the “March to Close the Concentration Camps” event at the facility was the International Socialist Collective of Boulder, the event Facebook page states.

The socialist group also posted an event flyer to their own Facebook page that is a call to action for protesters.

It reads:

Tens of thousands of refugees/asylum seekers – babies, toddlers, children, and adults – are being brutalized in concentration camps across the US. People of good conscience must come together to stop the dehumanization and abuse of all who are being held in these horrific conditions. Join us as we hold all elected officials responsible for the continued mistreatment of asylum seekers and the separation of families.

Of course, AOC and company are continuing to spout the nonsense that the holding facilities used to house illegals are “concentration camps,” a notion that has been thoroughly debunked by entities such as Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

What I find to be quite…stupid…is the idea that there are protesters in the first place. I guess it’s because I think differently. If I were one of the “hunted,” I would do my best to avoid detection, stay out of sight, and lay low. If these people doing the protesting are here illegally, why do they paint a bullseye on themselves with protests? That seems pretty brazen (if not stupid) to me.



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