Volunteers Working With Pro-Trump Activist Clean Up 12 TONS of Trash in West Baltimore

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We’ve heard a lot about the terrible conditions in West Baltimore. We’ve posted several reports about the tons of federal money being poured into the district, such as the one called Report: Millions in Federal Funding Unaccounted For In Baltimore. Another was called Taxpayers Fund a Ridiculous 30,000 Employees in Baltimore. There are others, but I included these as examples to point out that there could have been a LOT of progress made to help Baltimore’s conditions if the money had been spent wisely instead of being squandered.
It doesn’t take much for even the most casual observer to deduce that someone somewhere is tapping the till of the Federal Government’s pockets, both in terms of corrupt hiring practices and the distribution of funds.
What I think is most telling is the fact that a few volunteers did more to clean up trash in West Baltimore in one eight-hour stretch than the city employees have done in years.

This from Breitbart News:

The trash cleanup Scott Pressler organized in West Baltimore on Monday wasn’t a political event, even if he was inspired by the back and forth between Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) about the terrible conditions in some parts of the city,

Scott Presler’s Twitter account reveals that he spent two years of his life “working to defeat Hillary,” and he also plans to help re-elect President Donald Trump in 2020.

“[It is] not a Trump rally; this is not about Rep. Cummings; This is simply about Americans stepping up to help Americans,” Presler told Fox News.

Presler and some 170 volunteers descended on the city bearing trash bags and shovels. By the end of the eight-hour session, the group had collected 12 tons of trash.

The residents of the area the group covered were very grateful. One woman said this in a video posted on Presler’s Twitter account:

“It’s always been like really trashy and like I showed the before picture what we were dealing with, I’m elated. I really am. I’m really happy. I want to cry but I’m not a cryer so I’ll just keep smiling. You all are doing an awesome job. Thank you so much.”

It’s pretty telling, don’t you think? Less than 200 volunteers got more done in a few hours than anybody imagined might be possible. The city has to have thousands of employees on the payroll, yet not one of them could be bothered to take any initiative to do something to help clean things up that would have been money wisely spent.

Here’s another slant that I bet you didn’t expect. The Baltimore Sun “trashed” the volunteers and the work they did…



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