Undercover Reporter Finds Horrific Evidence That Still-Beating Aborted Infants’ Hearts Were for Sale!

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In the article PP Partner Admits to Selling Aborted Babies’ Brains and Heads Intact – Presidential Candidate Possibly Connected Financially, I referred to financial connections that appear to exist between Senator Kamala Harris and Planned Parenthood. PP has been connected to an extensive nationwide network of medical facilities and training universities that are the market for the body parts of aborted babies, and, as you can well imagine, it is likely a huge cash cow for PP.

Today, I have another report from which I want to share some more information that pertains to the hideous and gruesome practice of harvesting specific fetal organs, and in particular, infant hearts that are still beating when they are removed from children who were born after a failed attempt to murder them while in the womb.

From a LifeSite News report:

SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — In his first-ever time in the witness stand, pro-life advocate David Daleiden testified to the disturbing details in the fetal organ harvesting industry that led him to embark on an undercover investigation of the gruesome practice.

Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are charged with 15 felony counts of illegal recording of confidential communications in connection with undercover videos the Center for Medical Progress released in 2015 that provide evidence of Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking in baby body parts.

The 30-year-old graduate of Claremont McKenna College testified he worked in investigative research with Lila Rose of Live Action, part-time in 2008 and full-time in 2010, before founding CMP in 2013.

He became interested in investigating the aborted baby parts harvesting industry in 2012, when he saw a 20/20 documentary made in 2000 about the harvesting of aborted baby organs at a Planned Parenthood in Kansas.

David’s research led him down a path that ultimately literally gave him nightmares. To give you an idea as to why, at one point he had reports from a whistleblower, Dean Alberty, who worked inside the Planned Parenthood abortion center as a fetal tissue procurer for a company called Opening Lines. Alberty spoke on 20/20 of receiving aborted babies intact and of “cutting open the chest and seeing the heart was still beating.”

There isn’t room here for me to give you the blow-by-blow, but if you have the time, I encourage you to read the full report here. It should make you stand up and take notice!

The harassment he endured after his reports on tissue harvesting were published are incredible, including a raid on his home by the authorities due to a search warrant issued by then-Attorney General Kamala Harris! His attorneys are going to press for the dismissal of at least eight of the charges against him, and as of September 13, the judge has agreed to hear arguments on quashing the search warrant and dropping the charges in a written submission Monday, September 16th.

I believe it behooves us to pray for David’s success in his mission to expose the terrible things his research has uncovered. I think it’s safe to say that Planned Parenthood realizes they are about to be exposed, and they are executing a full-court press against him to try to keep the truth hidden.


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