Turning Point Offers Ocasio-Cortez $100,000 for Charity to Debate Candace Owens

I think you will love listening to these Conservative ladies. They are the truly shining examples of the best of the best! They are courageous, determined, informed, articulate, focused, and best of all, just plainly nice people. We have so many more ladies of their caliber serving in the Trump administration as well. A couple of the more prominent ones that come to mind are Nikki Haley and Sarah Sanders.The other day I mentioned how fun it would be to turn Candace Owens loose as a stand-in for Sarah Sanders. I think that would be amazing! She could give those uppity Lefty reporters a run for the money, no doubt about it. People of this caliber are coming to the front more and more, made possible in no small way the social media channels.

Lately Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been the focus of the Democratic party’s hopefuls, and the more she’s on, the more holes show up in her platform. Most recently she has been called on to engage in debates with Conservatives, and she seems to be running scared. The most recent challenge is coming from Candace Owens, backed by Charlie Kirk at Turning Point USA.

Owens: her socialist ideas ‘make no sense.’

Candace Owens is calling out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for refusing to debate her and other conservatives.

Following the Democratic socialist congressional candidate’s rejection of Ben Shapiro’s offer to donate $10,000 to a charity of her choice in exchange for an hour-long debate, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk upped the ante.

Kirk tweeted that he has a group of donors who will contribute $100,000 to a charity of Ocasio-Cortez’s choosing if she will debate Owens, who serves as communication director for Turning Point USA.

As of Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez had not responded to the offer.

On “Fox & Friends,” Owens said Ocasio-Cortez is rejecting calls for debates from conservatives because she cannot defend her platform.

“It’s unfortunate, but I’m not surprised whatsoever,” Owens said, explaining that Ocasio-Cortez preaches “utopian concepts” that simply do not make sense in practice.

“Socialism has killed 100 million people in the last 100 years,” Owens stated.

Allie Beth Stuckey, another conservative who’s challenged Ocasio-Cortez to a debate, pointed out that the New York congressional candidate has accused Republicans of being “scared” of her.

“Well, considering that she has ignored or denied all requests from conservative men and women to have a conversation about the pros and cons of socialism, I would say that it’s not us that [are] scared of her, it is she that is scared of us.”

Watch more from “Fox & Friends” above.

Our own David J. Harris Jr. is another fine example of a young up-and-coming voice speaking up for President Trump’s mission. All of these fine folks are coming together, shoulder-to-shoulder, men and women…black, white, you name it…and they are doing their best to sound the alarm that America has a huge fifth column doing its best to bring this country down, and that we as legal Americans must get out there and do our best to bring people up to speed that the Far-Left are NOT YOUR FRIENDS! This exposure of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is just one chapter of the larger book. We must VoteDemOut and Help our awesome Commander-in-Chief Make America Great Again!


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