Trump Pokes Fun At Bidens With Graphic Language At Minnesota Rally [VIDEO]

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During the rally in Minnesota on the 10th, President Trump brought the house down with his rather, shall we say, “graphic” description of what Joe Biden did best as a politician.


I know there may be some of you out there that are in apoplectic shock over the “non-presidential” tone of President Trump’s remarks, but hey, we didn’t hire the man to be our pastor or our counselor – we hired him to tell it like it is, and gave him the authority to stir the pot and Drain The Swamp.

Something I find TOTALLY amusing is how so many Democrats turn their noses up in the air at such plain-spokenness as they try to hide behind their beloved ever-present Political Correctness, but in spite of the somewhat crude verbiage, I think there are a great many very relieved Republican and conservative constituents who eat up that hard-nosed approach as if it were their favorite snack food.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of being run over by nosy, noisy Democrats who pretend to want to help us and then once the election is past, turn a deaf ear and go on to swindle and quid pro quo their way into stacks of cash the size of Mount McKinley.

This from Fox News:

President Trump unloaded on Joe and Hunter Biden over their Ukrainian business dealings in Minneapolis on Thursday evening — at one point bringing the crowd to its feet by charging that Biden’s only useful trait as vice president was his preternatural ability to “kiss Barack Obama’s a–.”

Trump cited a new report in The Washington Examiner that the whistleblower at the center of Democrats’ impeachment push had worked with Biden. The whistleblower’s anti-Trump attorney, Mark Zaid, acknowledged earlier in the week that his client had “contact” with current presidential contenders “from both parties.”

The president also derided the Biden campaign for aggressively seeking to convince Facebook and The New York Times, as well as all major television networks, not to cover what it called “conspiracy theories” about potential Biden corruption.

Scores of Trump supporters, as well as pro-impeachment demonstrators, lined up hours before the event at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis began. At least one protester was photographed pouring milk on his face to counter the effects of pepper spray, as chaos unfolded outside the arena — with pro-Trump hats being lit on fire, as some demonstrators harassed police and assaulted Trump supporters.



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