Trump Helped Veterans’ Facility, New York Thanks Him With a $2M Fine!

Not very many days ago, President Trump announced that he is officially moving his place of residence in New York behind and has made his permanent home of record Florida. He’s been a New Yorker for many moons, but the way they treat him now, especially since he moved into the White House, would be a powerful incentive for any man to thumb his nose and move on.

Just recently, a fine, upstanding judge <cough cough sniff> issued a fine against President Trump over a technicality in the supposed misuse of funds during the time when Trump was still on the campaign trail prior to his election. He organized a fundraiser, the proceeds of which were earmarked for distribution to veterans. About $2.8 million was raised, and the amount that went to his campaign was exactly ZERO. However, the judge ruled that he unfairly benefited from the fundraiser for the most obscure of reasons, and he now has to pay a fine because he allegedly abused the use of the funds.

Dan Bongino weighed in on the debacle:

A New York judge has ruled that President Donald Trump must pay a $2 million judgment for improperly using his Trump Foundation to advance his 2016 presidential campaign – but in reality, Trump is being punished for a technicality.

That’s in contrast to how liberals are trying to portray the event. As CNN put it in their reporting: “The order and settlement bring an end to questions that first arose during the 2016 campaign about whether Trump used money raised under the guise of charitable work for political gain. The resolution puts the President in the unusual position of having to pay millions in damages while in office, at a time when he faces a large number of other personal legal battles. Filed in June 2018, the lawsuit alleged that the President and his three eldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — violated federal and state campaign finance laws and abused the Donald J. Trump Foundation’s tax-exempt status. According to the lawsuit, the Trumps allowed the foundation to be used ‘as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.’”

In reality, this lawsuit was set off by the following series of events

  1. Ahead of the 2016 Iowa caucus, candidate Trump held a fundraiser. The fundraiser raised $2.8 million, which was all given to veterans charities.
  2. The funds were raised through the Trump Foundation, but campaign staff managed the fundraiser and distributed the funds to charities.
  3. Liberals decided that these funds counted as campaign contributions (zero percent of which went to the Trump campaign), and a judge agreed helped “further Mr. Trump’s political campaign.”

One hundred percent of the money raised went to charity, and the Trump campaigned covered the entire cost of administering distribution of the funds. But because giving millions of dollars to veterans tends to be good PR for a presidential candidate, a judge decided that this helped further the Trump campaign.

So for his efforts to help veterans, Trump was rewarded with a $2 million fine and the billionth bogus media narrative to plague his presidency.

Maybe one day the media will discover what the Clinton Foundation is.


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