Trump Declares Victory After Iran’s Attack On Iraq’s US Facilities: ‘Iran appears to be standing down’

President Trump stepped up to the microphone earlier today to reassure us that for now, the Iranian offensive has been limited to mostly vocal noise, but not much in the way of real physical threat to the average American.

The Left has been running wild, spouting off every kind of atrocity and accusation aimed at President Trump since Iran’s General Solemeini was blown to bits a few days ago, but none of them are worth the air they wasted to make the noise.

They conveniently choose to overlook and omit the fact that hundreds of Americans were injured – and not a few killed – by terrorists inspired by the general’s vicious hatred of the USA.

Of course, after the preemptive surgical strike that took out the terrorist Iranian leader in Iraq, there was a huge saber-rattling noise that arose from the Iranians, ranging from promises of deadly attacks when we least expect them to an eighty million dollar prize to the person who brings them President Trump’s head on a platter.

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The chances of someone getting close enough to the president to commit such an act range from somewhere around infinitesimal to zero, but that didn’t stop the Iranians from shooting off their mouths in a barrage of threats.

They did manage to lob a couple of missiles our way but to virtually no effect.


One thing I appreciate VERY much is how much restraint President Trump is exercising. He said pointedly that he does NOT want to use our military might, but he makes no bones about the fact that as the saying goes, “mess with the bull; you’ll get the horn.”

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The terrorist regime of Iran has been on a rampage for far too many years, waging attacks on U.S. citizens and other countries’ innocent civilians without remorse, yet without significant repercussions.

Now that there’s a new sheriff in town, things look a lot different. The world stage has been reshaped by President Trump’s message, and I do not doubt that he’ll keep the volume on the bullhorn turned up to 10 as he lets the rest of the world know that he means business, and will stand up and fight for America!







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