Tommy Robinson Finally Released From Prison Looking Worse For Wear

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This is really an unacceptable situation. The Muslims are using the threat of violence against the citizens to control them and to continue the advance of Islamic Sharia Law. Muslims are using a similar tactic to gain control in the USA as well. If you think it can’t happen like that here, you’d better wake up and smell the coffee! I won’t get into it here, because that discussion goes in a different, although parallel, direction. I see some parallels to what Mad Maxine (Waters) is promoting in her harassment of Conservatives wherever they may be identified. If you look with any kind of discernment at all you can see the ultimate motive is to shut down those who stand up to evil. What follows here, and more, can be found at

British journalist and activist Tommy Robinson shared a touching video of himself hugging his two small children after spending two-and-a-half months in jail for reporting on the trial of a Muslim grooming gang that allegedly raped underage girls.

“It’s me! Posting to my own social media for the first time in 2 and a half months,” Robinson wrote on Facebook. “I wanted to share with everyone the moment I got home, got to see my kids and to say a few thank yous to some of the people who helped and supported me. Thank you! – Tommy”

Robinson was released on August 1 after an appellate court ruled that he was denied due process when he was immediately jailed without being given adequate opportunity to defend himself for allegedly violating a gag order.

Robinson’s supporters like British journalist Katie Hopkins said he looked gaunt and exhausted after his jail stint. Hopkins tweeted: “Before. After. The British State fattens up Jihadis on taxpayers cash, starves an innocent man imprisoned by a kangaroo court.”

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant of Rebel Media said he believed “Tommy’s treatment in prison can only be described as torture. I am sick to my stomach.”

Robinson went through all this because he shined a spotlight on the infiltration and spreading of Muslim rape gangs in the U.K. He got sent to prison because Muslims complained that reporting the facts was Islamophobic. We found out what was wrong with that picture when it was discovered that in almost all the cases the victims were white females — all under-aged — and the perps were Muslim men. British press tried to hide behind the label “Asian” in their description of the rape squads to keep from angering the Muslim population, which has been growing at an alarming rate. I see a parallel here in the USA in Political Correctness. The Left keeps changing the labels to couch something to being a little less “offensive” (read “deliberately camouflaged”). I’m so glad Donald Trump won the presidency. He doesn’t hold back when it’s time to call the spade a shovel. We need to support him in his efforts to shovel the crap out of the Swamp and Make America Great Again.

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