Study Shows Of 5,877 Biologists Surveyed, 96% Affirm Life Begins At Fertilization

We’ve dedicated many hours of writing on this page to the support of preserving life in the womb. We all share the pro-life-centric view: a new life is present from the instant of conception onward. Since the passage of Roe v. Wade, many, many children have died at the hands of abortionists, and due to what we believe is a morally and culturally-bankrupt point of view, a large segment of our population has been deceived into thinking that life begins upon exit from the womb.

Not long ago, a survey was conducted in which a broad cross-section of Americans’ opinions was solicited. They were asked who they would trust to give them an objective answer to the question of when life begins. Their response indicated that they believed biologists would provide the most unbiased and factual answer. The results are very encouraging to us.

Breitbart News has the following report from Dr. Susan Barry:

A study found 80 percent of Americans say biologists should decide the question of when life begins, and, when more than 5,500 biologists were then asked that question, 96 percent affirmed life begins at fertilization.

Steven Jacobs, Ph.D. completed his doctoral dissertation research (final publication pending, but an earlier version can be read here) recently at the University of Chicago, but only after a decade of investigation that ultimately led to his final study titled “Balancing Abortion Rights and Fetal Rights.”

In his research, Jacobs focused on studying Americans’ beliefs and values, attitudes toward abortion, and beliefs about when life begins.

One of the quotes he included in his study comes from an anonymous academic biologist, who said, “[The abortion debate] comes down to the question of whether we think personal autonomy is more important than the life of a human being.”

For the first part of his research, Jacobs went to the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision itself for a list of experts who might be considered most qualified to determine when life begins. He then presented this list to participants in one of his surveys.

Jacobs surveyed a sample of 3,883 Americans who were given the choice of biologists, religious leaders, voters, philosophers, or Supreme Court justices as the group of experts most qualified to determine when life begins.

According to the study, the sample was predominantly pro-choice (62 percent), liberal (63 percent), socialist (54 percent), and Democrat (66 percent.) Of the participants, 63 percent were college graduates, 57 percent were female, 43 percent were male.

Results showed 80 percent of Americans selected biologists (95 percent confidence interval [79-81 percent]) as the group to answer the question of when life begins.

Pro-choice participants (86 percent) were more likely to select biologists than pro-life participants (69 percent).

“I followed that up with an open-ended question: ‘Why did you select that group?” and 92 percent said they selected biologists because they are experts in science and they are objective scientists,” Jacobs told Breitbart News in an interview.

The researcher then took survey questions to 5,577 biologists from over a thousand academic institutions in 86 countries. According to the study, the sample of biologists was predominantly non-religious (63 percent), with more liberals (89 percent) than conservatives (11 percent), Democrats (92 percent) than Republicans (8 percent), and pro-choice supporters (85 percent) than pro-life supporters (15 percent).

While the study focused on the biological view of when a human’s life begins, the surveys also included questions about other scientific concepts related to genetics, etc. Participants were asked to respond “Correct” or Incorrect” to statements describing the biological view that “a human’s life begins at fertilization.” An open-ended question on the participants’ biological view of “when a human’s life begins” was also presented.

Overall, the study found 96 percent of biologists affirmed the view that a human’s life begins at fertilization (95 percent confidence interval [95-97 percent]).

I think that is an OUTSTANDING conclusion. I believe they are RIGHT! I found it very interesting to see how high the percentage was that tallied as either non-religious, liberal, and Democrat, not predominantly conservative Christian pro-life advocates. That’s very encouraging. Now if we could only get the radical pro-choicers to accept the fact that the mother and the developing child are two totally separate living entities with two independent bodies. The fetus is NOT merely a “clump of cells” that has no more importance than a tumor until it reaches a certain level of development.

If you like, you can view the full report here at Breitbart News. It’s a worthwhile read.


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