Senator Warren Wants Inmate Gender Reassignment Surgery to be Taxpayer-Funded

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The more we hear from the various Democrat candidates running for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination, the further afield they seem to be getting from societal and scientific sanity.

BHO kicked the door open for opposite-gender invasion in the restrooms, so men that “identified” themselves as female could go into women’s restrooms. Then we have libraries hosting Drag Queen story hours for kindergartners, with a deliberate focus on the children to “normalize” the perversions.

Carrying that another step further, some of the people that are identifying as the opposite gender are going with the full meal deal of actually having their bodies surgically altered to make their physical characteristics match (or at least approximate) that of the sex opposite of their as-born condition.

That brings us full-circle to the issue Senator Warren is now supporting. She wants Gender Reassignment surgery for prison inmates desiring to “transition” to the opposite sex be performed — AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!


This from The Blaze:

Democratic presidential candidate and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says that taxpayers should fund prison inmates’ gender reassignment surgeries because those prisoners are “entitled” to such treatment.

Warren made the remarks during a Thursday night town hall on LGBTQ rights, which was hosted by CNN and the Human Rights Campaign.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Warren about her previous statements on taxpayer funding for inmate surgery that were contrary to her current position. During her 2012 Senate bid, Warren insisted that gender reassignment surgeries were not “a good use of taxpayer dollars.”

“Do you regret that?” he asked.

“Yup,” Warren responded. “It was a bad answer. I believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need and that includes people who are transgender, who, um, it is time for them to have surgery. I just think that’s important.”

Warren released her plan for “LGBTQ+ Rights and Equality” Thursday, which will, in addition to funding gender reassignment surgeries, would prevent prison administrators from housing transgender inmates in facilities opposite of their preferred gender assignment.

Her proposal also endorses the decriminalizing of sex work.

“I am also open to decriminalizing sex work. Sex workers, like all workers, deserve autonomy and are particularly vulnerable to physical and financial abuse and hardship,” her proposal reads.

You can read Warren’s plan here.


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