Take a look at the video below (or the transcript below that if you prefer) from CNN’s panel critique of Monday night’s analysis of the Republican National Convention, then tell me who you think are the real racists here…


CNN’s America’s Choice 2020: Republican National Convention: Night 1
August 25, 2020
10:53:31 p.m. Eastern

WOLF BLITZER: Very strong speech from Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, making the case it was only a generation or two ago that they went from the cotton fields and now he’s a United States senator wrapping up the first night in the Republican national convention.

You know Jake, it was interesting, clearly, almost all of the speakers tried to make sure they secure the Republican base for Donald Trump. They want to broaden the base. They showed a lot of diversity in the course of this. And almost all of the speakers painted Joe Biden potentially leading the United States towards a socialist country that would be a disaster, that would ruin the United States of America. And they tried to show Donald Trump as a man of empathy working to, quote, making America great again.

We heard a lot of that.


JAKE TAPPER: In terms of what the Republicans were accomplishing this evening, what they tried to accomplish, you are right, Wolf, I think they definitely were trying to appeal to the base. Obviously, they were showing a lot of diversity in the people that they had speak this evening.

It’s not representative of the Republican party as a whole. Certainly not representative of the Republican Party or the Trump administration here in Washington D.C.


11:03:53 p.m. Eastern

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: Yeah, we talk about the cultural war here. Obviously, there is a racial component to it. It’s not a coincidence that the McCloskey’s were aiming their guns at people who were Black Lives Matter protesters. So there is this kind of, I think, in some ways, arguments that are in conflict with each another.

On the one hand, they had Tim Scott on there, you had Donald Trump Jr., I think, at some point denounced racism and said, you know, “America needs to end the scourge of racism.” But then you obviously had these other couples there who were talking about this fear that they had. And we know what that fear is about. I mean, this sort of fear of the other, the fear of black and brown people, fear of poor people.

And that ran throughout this entire convention, this idea that the Democrats, who again are very diverse party, now they have an African-American and an Indian woman in the number two slot. That is the fear that they are conjuring up.

Tim Scott there, I think he’s on the one hand trying to reach out to black voters, but I think he’s also there to give white voters who might be worried about voting for someone like Donald Trump, who has said all sorts of racist comments. It sort of, I think, Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are there to say, “Listen, maybe Donald Trump isn’t as racist as you think he is or as racist as he often sounds because here’s Tim Scott praising him, here’s Nikki Haley praising him, and there are a number of other African-Americans woven thought tonight.”

We’ll see what else comes over these next couple of days. I thought it was kind of a repetitive the way that everyone kind of stood up there and spoke. There were speeches rather than conversations. I thought with viewers. So, in that way it had a kind of flat effect at least as I was viewing it.


11:43:24 p.m. Eastern

ANDERSON COOPER: How much do you think of some of this tonight was sort of giving permission to more moderate white voters that you know what, it’s okay for you to vote for Donald Trump despite his rhetoric on his, you know, some of his racist rhetoric over the last three years?

HENDERSON: Yeah, I mean, I think that is often what it’s about. It’s sort of an indirect appeal to white voters when you kind of put black issues, black people, black Republicans front and center, as we saw happen tonight.

Nikki Haley obviously a woman of color and Tim Scott and a couple of other African Americans. I mean, on the whole, the Republican Party actually isn’t very diverse. It sort of seemed a little diverse tonight with Tim Scott making that final sort of keynote address and Nikki Haley making a kind of keynote address.

But by and large, you know, this is a party that is right now based on sort of white identitarianism, and is really trying to not only — we sort of talk about white suburban voters and what they need to hear to feel comfortable being a member of this party. But it’s also one of the things you see in the polls is that Trump is also starting to lose support among white working-class voters as well. Biden is doing very well among those voters.

So, you see this idea of illegal immigrants taking your jobs. Black people, who you should be afraid of. You don’t want to live in the kind of cities where black people are protesting. So, you know, I mean, we’ve heard this over and over from this President.

I think it’s a little disingenuous for Tim Scott to ignore that because it’s certainly something that most voters find problematic. Not just offensive at this point but also something that is starting to affect their daily lives. Because it’s in some ways become policy now. Right?

SO…not only are they inventing new words (“identitarianism”…really??), they’re exposing to the world their own racist biases and most of all, their TDS (Trump derangement syndrome).

One of the easiest ways to spot who the real racists are is to see how much emphasis the speaker places on the issue. Speaking for myself as one who looks at those around me and sees them purely as humans, and as Americans (assuming they are citizens, of course), the race and/or skin color is of no more consequence than a change of clothing. The amount of color pigment in a person’s skin has absolutely NOTHING to do with the person wearing the “suit,” if you will.

The most blatant offenders (again, in my opinion) of this disgusting attitude were put on display in this broadcast with CNN host Jake Tapper and senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson stooping to the dregs of commentary by accusing Senator Scott and Ambassador Haley of being the “tokens” for a racist white party.

The Left is desperate in their campaign to gain the upper hand of power, and have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will stop at nothing to get it, including inciting division and by inciting any means they can to stir up hate and discontent between us and get distracted enough to not vote for any conservative or especially, President Trump.s

Many others share the same opinion I have. This next election is THE most important election ever to take place in this nation’s history. We MUST vote OUT the corrupt leftists and vote IN a bevy of more public servants that agree with the Trump administration. If we don’t, the country will decline faster than the train going into the river because of a broken trestle bridge.



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  • CNN fake media is just pissed because you just got your RACIST BIASED
    PREJUDICIAL NASTY ASSES handed to you on a silver platter. By the same kid you crucified in the media with absolutely NO faces. Shame on you

  • I hear Cooper and Henderson going back and forth with their I’m a Democrat digs, but if you stop and think, before speaking, The Democratic Controlled states are the ones having almost all of the looting and Burning, and Terrorist actions, also History will show almost all Racist organization like KKK, were led by Democrats. Democrats are not Black Americans Friends, They just want your vote and then do nothing for you. Trump has done more for Black Americans in 3 years than Biden and the Democratic Party has done in 47 years and that’s (Facts), that can’t be ignored.