REPORT: “Evangelicals for Trump” Coalition Embraces MORAL Political Action

By now, I think it’s safe to say that many of you who have visited this page in the past know the “why” behind its existence. There isn’t room here for me to go into ALL the reasons, but if you want more of the “full meal deal” get his book, Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent. In a nutshell, David has become a staunch supporter of President Trump, and for numerous reasons.

At the top of his list of reasons is Trump’s outspoken support for his pro-life position and opposition of the horrific practice of first-degree premeditated murder-for-hire of unborn children, otherwise sugar-coated by the Democrats and hardcore liberals in the term, “abortion.”

Another of David’s convictions becomes evident pretty much any time he opens his mouth for any length of time. He firmly believes in the need for the USA to once again return to its roots and truly become first and foremost One Nation Under God. As this is being written, he is in Miami, Florida for the kickoff of the new “Evangelicals for Trump” coalition, a collection of Christians from every facet and denomination who stand in solidarity with this president and his pro-Constitution, pro-America vision.

David posted this quick video to Twitter a short time ago:

What follows is an article written by a new friend of David’s, Jenna Ellis. Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) is a constitutional law attorney, the senior legal adviser for the Trump 2020 campaign, and a fellow with the Falkirk Center for Faith & Liberty. She is the author of The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution.


Evangelicals for Trump embraces moral political action

The Democrat party has become the focal point of pretty much anything un-Godly from “soup to nuts,” as the old colloquialism says. What we see from the Red side of the camp is nothing short of utter perversion, debauchery, and rampant corruption. It’s not as if they have a single issue for which they should be censured, it’s across the board, as Jenna says.

Speaking for myself (and I know David holds this position too), I believe that if Crooked Hillary had been installed into the White House, we would have been condemned to being taken over by the New World Order and would have been on a fast track to a repeat of what we see when we look at any other country that has been overtaken by socialism.

Thank GOD for President Donald J. Trump!! I have zero doubt that he is what this country needed. He fights for US and for our freedom. The Dems have done everything in their power to divide us, and this coalition of Christians standing in unity to support President Trump and his vision to Make America Great Again is yet another step in the right direction.


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