REPORT: 40M CA Residents Issued a ‘Stay-At-Home’ Order by Governor Newsom [Video]

On Thursday, CA Governor Gavin Newsom issued the order for residents of the Golden State (approximately 40 million, at last count) to stay home in a move purportedly intended to help control the spread of the DTMNBN (the Disease That May Not Be Named) throughout the state and which could potentially overwhelm the state’s medical system.

The governor said, “This is a moment we need to make tough decisions. We need to recognize reality.”

As to how long it would last, the Sacramento County Health Officer’s site, as of March 19th, said:

This Order shall become effective at 11:59 p.m. on March 19, 2020, and will continue to be in effect until 11:59 p.m. on April 7, 2020, or until it is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing by the Health Officer.

However, earlier in the day, the governor left any commitment as to how long the order could last on the table, saying that it was “open-ended” for now. As it is, roughly half of the state’s major population jurisdictions have already issued a similar directive (see the above), so this move by Newsom expands it to the entire state.

If so desired, people can still go out to buy food, take a walk (as long as they practice “social distancing”), and go to their doctor. Other than that, freedom of movement is significantly curtailed. “Non-essential” businesses are to shut their doors until the all-clear is given.



From Fox News:

Here are the highlights of the order:



All Californians must stay at home except to get food, prescriptions and health care, care for a friend or relative, walking the dog and taking outdoor exercise such as walking, running or hiking. When people do go out, they should practice social distancing.



Most businesses and business venues such as indoor malls will be closed to the public. According to state health officials, they include dine-in restaurants; bars, nightclubs and other entertainment places where people gather, along with gyms and fitness studios. Convention centers and public events are also out of bounds.



Businesses that provide essential services will remain open. They include grocery stores, farmers’ markets, food banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other health care providers, news outlets, banks and laundromats. Restaurants can still provide take-out food and make deliveries. Businesses involved in construction and “essential infrastructure” such as plumbers, electricians, gas stations, auto repair shops, and hardware stores also are exempt. Public transportation and utilities will continue to provide service.



Misdemeanor penalties apply but the governor said he hopes law enforcement won’t need to enforce the order and believes social pressure will encourage people to “do the right thing.”



Until further notice, according to the order. The governor didn’t give a prediction but said he doesn’t expect it to extend for “many, many months.”


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