Pro-Life Activist Assaulted By Woman At University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Violence perpetrated against conservatives by leftist radicals is becoming all too common. Antifa gangs throw concrete chunks disguised as milkshakes at journalists on the street and send them to the hospital. They bash heads and split them open with various heavy objects. Don’t believe me? Check out these articles: Antifa Attacks Asian Journalist… Calls Him a Racial Slur. How Fascist of ThemBREAKING: Antifa Thug Arrested for Assault…Split Man’s Head Wide Open

And then there’s this one that illustrates how stupidly the mainstream media downplays attacks: Antifa’s Beatdown and Assault Against Andy Ngo Downplayed on CNN. Add reports of incidents like these together, and it seems to be emboldening other citizens to carry out attacks against conservatives with whom they disagree.

From Breitbart News:

A woman was caught on video assaulting a pro-life activist, as well as spray painting one of his signs, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The assailant later admitted to police that she had premeditated the act of vandalism after becoming angry over the pro-life signage.

An individual at the University of Wisconsin-Madison — later identified by police as Sasha Timofeeva — is facing two charges after shoving a pro-life activist and spray painting his sign, according to the group Created Equal, which describes itself as “a social action movement seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time [abortion].”

The apparent assault and act of vandalism — which took place in April — was caught on video and later posted to the pro-life group’s social media accounts. You can watch the incident below.

Here is a partial transcript of what she said on the video:

Timofeeva: “Fuck you, they’re triggering, they hurt people.”

Created Equal member: “Ma’am, don’t do this!”

Timofeeva: “Fuck you, and your stupid signs.”

CE member: “Stop!”

Timofeeva: “Fuck you and your stupid message!” (She then shoves the CE member…)

CE member: “You just pushed me. You’re assaulting me. Stop!”

Timofeeva: “You just tried to grab my fucking spray paint. You going to tell the police that?”

CE member: “Because you’re spray painting our property. Yeah, I’m going to tell [the police].”

Timofeeva: “I don’t give a shit!”

Such a wonderful character, isn’t she? Unfortunately (for her), Timofeeva confessed to police that her attack with the spray paint can was a premeditated, planned course of action, and she got nailed for it! She’s now facing two charges — graffiti vandalism, and disorderly conduct related to simple assault — this according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison police department. That’s the best news of all. Law enforcement officers were allowed to do their jobs and stood up to her bullying and vandalism. Thank God there are still places in the country where sanity reigns supreme over liberalism.


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