PP Is Determined: “From Now Until November, This is the Goal: We Must Defeat Donald Trump”

We recently shared a tidbit about the abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood, in the article PP Is Exploiting the DTMNBN Outbreak To Keep Taxpayer Funding Alive. It’s a truly sickening thing to think that any individual, never mind an entire corporate entity, could be so dedicated to first-degree premeditated murder for hire of our most helpless, the unborn baby.

They are desperately throwing everything they have at their efforts to unseat President Trump and prevent his reelection in November. More than 345,000 babies were aborted last year alone, and the president’s staunchly pro-life position is the biggest threat they have to their existence (That’s GOOD, in my opinion!!).

On Sunday, Planned Parenthood Action wrote on Twitter, “From now until November, this is the goal: we must defeat Donald Trump. In a time when the country is feeling the drastic effects of Trump’s attacks on [abortion] we need a leader who will expand access to repro health care, not one who undermines it.”

Health care, you say? Since when is killing another human a healthy option? It’s the worst kind of political correctness to coin a term such as “reproductive health care” to disguise the horror experienced by the infant that gets torn limb from limb or chemically burned to death.

The abortion industry wants to end the Trump administration’s efforts to implement the life-saving measures of defunding Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups, the repeated exposure of their radical pro-abortion agendas, and the protection of unborn babies and mothers.

In October, Planned Parenthood announced plans to spend at least $45 million on the 2020 election to defeat the incumbent.

They also said, “We can’t afford four more years of Trump stacking the courts to fit his anti-abortion agenda. Over 180 Trump-nominated judges have been confirmed to lifetime positions. In a matter of months, [the Supreme Court] is deciding cases on abortion, birth control, AND the Affordable Care Act.”

Those conservative and constitutional judges are a key piece of the administration’s efforts to pull the plug on the abortion industry as a whole. For far too long, we’ve had left-leaning judges who insist on legislating from the bench and ignoring the basic rights and protections for every human life.

To elect a “pro-choice” Democrat to ANY office (never mind just the White House) is all too often a recipe for disaster for the innocent unborn. Granted, there are some relatively conservative pro-life Democrats. Still, those in the most prominent positions have become so radical and so far to the left that it’s no stretch to say that many thousands of lives are at stake if the pro-choice agenda continues to be implemented.

A lot is at stake in November, and the abortion industry knows it. Abortion activists have become increasingly clear about their intentions if their candidates win: Unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortions for any reason up to birth will become the law of the land.

That is not what voters want. Every year, nearly 1 million unborn babies are killed in abortions in America. Voters want meaningful restrictions on abortion that protect babies and mothers. They do not want their tax dollars to fund abortions. They need to say it at the polls in November.



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