Pelosi to Kimmel – We’ll Be Ready to Impeach Trump Before 2020 [Video]

Nancy Pelosi made a stop on the late-night Jimmy Kimmel show recently, and while there, Jimmy asked her why she hadn’t gone any further with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. She was…shall we say…noncommittal, and the best he could get out of her was to say that Democrats may be “on the path” to impeach him, they have to make absolutely sure that their case is “ironclad” if they intend to move against him. Though Jimmy seemed as if he was a bit unhappy with that answer, he continued with the line of questioning in an attempt to get some hint as to whether or not they were going to move soon.

This from Breitbart:

“Will we be ready before the year 2020?” Kimmel asked.

“Yeah, we will,” Pelosi replied.

Nancy Pelosi teased that she knew more about the case against the president than anyone else in Congress.

“Let me just say this immodestly, I probably have a better idea as to what the president has to be held accountable than anyone,” she said.

The Democrat leader ridiculed the president and his team for feigning ignorance about the law when running for president.

“How do you explain that to kids in the hood, when they are approached by law enforcement and they say ‘I didn’t realize that we’re supposed to know this or that,’ Well they’re supposed to know,” Pelosi said. “But these very wealthy people with high priced lawyers can get away with saying I didn’t know.”

Kimmel, in turn, feigned nobility in response to the whole concept of impeachment.

“It may sound disingenuous, but I hope the president didn’t do anything … we don’t want that in the United States,” he said.

“Exactly,” Pelosi replied.

Source: Breitbart News

The scuttlebutt I’ve heard in recent weeks seems to indicate that Pelosi knows going down the path of impeachment is almost undoubtedly political suicide for the Democrat party. She’s getting a lot of pressure from the radical side of the party to get Trump out of the White House, no matter what it takes, yet she knows that there isn’t anywhere near enough to build a case they can win. The closer we get to the next election, the more desperate they are getting, and it’s going to be interesting to see who sacrifices whom on the altar of Democratic Socialism.



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