Open Border Helps Cartel Sex-Traffickers Abduct Children!

As often as we’ve talked about the issues and problems around our porous southern border, one might think that after a while, there won’t be anything new to report. Unfortunately, such is not the case.

One of the more tragic and heartbreaking issues is the one of child sex trafficking. Cartels have been seducing children away from the places where they should feel the safest, such as schools, and once they are abducted, many are smuggled across the border and enslaved by perverts who use them as playthings to satisfy their devilish cravings.

A National Center for Missing and Exploited Children report says that there are about 300,000 missing children in our country at any one time. If you consider statistics that say 30 to 40 percent of these 300,000 children are being trafficked, it amounts to 100,000 children in our country being sex-trafficked and enslaved by organized crime.

This from Breitbart News:

An unsecured U.S.-Mexico border endangers American children by assisting Mexican drug cartels engaged in child sex-trafficking, explained Joseph Travers, founder of Saved in America, in a Thursday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Saved in America is a volunteer organization composed of retired military personnel and law enforcement who help authorities find and rescue missing children.

Unsecured regions of the southern border have become major child sex-trafficking routes, Travers explained.

“The second-largest child sex-trafficking corridor sector is San Diego County because the largest trafficking sector is San Diego County. Texas is number one,” he said.

“So you’re with me that a secure border is actually a humanitarian thing because it does keep kids safer?” Marlow asked.

“Absolutely. One hundred percent,” Travers responded.


Human trafficking — including child sex-trafficking — is a criminal enterprise dominated by transnational drug cartels, Travers said. He recalled his organization’s role in assisting the recovery of a 14-year-old American girl in Mexico who had been abducted by a Mexican gang member and smuggled across the southern border.



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