New PP Global Director Admits Their Main Job is to Attack President Trump

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We’ve filed many reports on the evils of Planned Parenthood here on this site. The more we investigate their activities, the more evidence there is that they are much more about being a far-left and radical-liberal-supporting political machine than they are interested in their interpretation of what they call “women’s health issues.”

It doesn’t take a deep dive into their workings to see what they’re doing. They promote First Degree Murder of unborn babies under the Politically Correct labels of things such as “family planning” and “birth control,” to name just a couple of them.

It’s long been known that they get hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money every year, and in a recent article, we reported that they plan to spend MILLIONS of dollars in their efforts to dump Trump. As it turns out, even the newly-elected global leader of PP openly admits their main mission right now is to fight him and his administration.

This from LifeNews:

Monica Kerrigan made it a point to slam President Donald Trump’s pro-life policies in what appears to be her first interview as the new director of Planned Parenthood Global.

Though Kerrigan mentioned important health issues that women face across the globe, she primarily attacked the Trump administration in her interview with Devex. The interview serves as more evidence that Planned Parenthood’s focus is primarily on politics and abortion, not women’s health.

The abortion chain announced Kerrigan’s new role Wednesday, according to the report. Kerrigan is described as a family planning and reproductive health expert who has worked in countries across the globe. Her last job was the vice president for technical leadership and innovation at Jhpiego, a nonprofit that promotes family planning in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

She told Devex that one of her main goals will be to fight the Trump administration.


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