Migrant “Black Vest” Protesters Storm Panthéon in Paris, Demand Right to Stay in France

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It seems that migrants the world over have the “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too” attitude. We just saw a demonstration of it in Colorado that we reported in the article American Flag Replaced with Mexican Flag By Protesters at ICE Facility. And in various countries in Europe, foreigners are invading territories in a manner similar to what they’re doing to us here. In a recent demonstration in France, migrants demanded citizenship to be granted along with free housing.

Breitbart News reported:

Hundreds of migrants and others associated with the so-called “Black Vests” group stormed the Pantheon in Paris demanding the French state grant them residency papers and free housing.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon and saw the protesters chant various slogans demanding that the government of French president Emmanuel Macron acquiesce to their demands, BFMTV reports.

The group La Chapelle Debout! took to Twitter to take responsibility for the incident and demanded a meeting with French prime minister Edouard Philippe, writing, “papers and freedom for all!”

The group also released a nearly two and a half hour video of the incident on their Facebook page:

report from Reuters has claimed that as many as 200 to 300 protesters took part, claiming that most were illegal migrants from West Africa and that protestors managed to break into the Left Bank Mausoleum where various noted historical French men and women are buried.

Populist National Rally (Rassemblement National) leader Marin eLe Pen reacted to the protests with outrage on Twitter, saying, “It is INADMISSIBLE to see illegal immigrants claiming to occupy, with impunity, this high place of the Republic that is the .”

“In France, the only future for an illegal immigrant should be deportation, because it is the LAW,” she added.

Here’s the opposing view:

I often wonder to myself where this craziness took root and grew to the monster it’s become today. Quite honestly, I don’t think I can speak intelligently to the “why” question.

I see pieces of various trains of thought embedded in the attitude, such as class warfare, which seeks to pit the lower-class against the upper-class. Where it gets off the rails is that the “have-nots” get infected with the attitude that the have-nots deserve to have the benefits earned by the haves without putting in the time and effort it took to get to the more comfortable situation.

I believe it is a mixture of the twins of jealousy and envy, combined with the twins of covetousness and greed, which when all stirred up and blended together create the hateful conduct we see being played out by these protesters.

On the surface, it may seem attractive to have all the nice things, but it always holds true that the things you’ve worked the hardest for are also the things you appreciate the most. Getting stuff for free quickly deteriorates into carelessness and boredom. The person that works hard to achieve his greatness will enjoy the fruits of their labor much more than the person on the dole.


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