Massachusetts Allows Abortion Clinics to Keep Killing Babies, But Shuts Down ‘Non-Essential’ Health Care

Elizabeth Kelley, the Director of The Massachusetts Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality, released a memorandum on March 15th, explaining that all procedures that are “nonessential, elective invasive” procedures will be postponed or canceled while Massachusetts is under a state of emergency, according to MassLive.

The memorandum said, “Terminating a pregnancy is not considered a nonessential, elective invasive procedure for the purpose of this guidance. However, the ultimate decision is based on clinical judgment by the caring physician.”

Right out of the gate, I see a big problem with that statement. For the life of me, I cannot see how any human, regardless of their professional credentials which bestow on them the title of “physician,” could ever be considered “caring” if they have so little conscience that they can go through with performing an abortion (which, by my non-PC definition is nothing less than premeditated first-degree murder-for-hire…).

Nonessential procedures, according to Kelley’s memorandum, include any procedures involving skin incisions, injections into a “joint body space or body cavity,” hip replacement or knee replacement, colonoscopies, bronchoscopies, kidney tube placements, invasive radiology procedures, most dermatology procedures, eye implants, tooth extractions, sound wave treatment to break down kidney stones and endometrial biopsies.

Not everyone agrees with the decision to continue performing abortions by calling them “essential” to the “health services” offered to women. Some pro-life advocates are speaking up.

From The Daily Caller:

The pro-life Massachusetts Citizens for Life told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement that the organization is “disheartened” to learn that abortion will still be permitted.

“Women’s health and safety should be our top priority now, as always,” Massachusetts Citizens for Life said. “Risking exposure to the highly contagious disease during visits to abortion clinics not only puts our women at risk but their families, clinic staff, and their loved ones as well.”

“This is yet another indication that the once-popular abortion-rights mantra ‘safe, legal, and rare’ is a complete farce,” the group added. “In the face of a global pandemic, the abortion industry once again demonstrates that protecting women’s health has never been its priority. Instead, the abortion lobby’s singular goal is to increase the bottom line, even at the expense of risking the health and wellbeing of those who enter their clinics and those who work at them during these unprecedented times.”

It’s an “unprecedented time,” all right. Never in my life would I have ever expected to see so many people so blind to the horror of abortion that has wormed its way into the fabric of our society over the past five or six decades.



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  2. Its the Adrenochrome they want. The elite can’t live without it and since President Trump has virtually shut down the southern boarder to child trafficking….Abortion is their only means of acquiring their “DRUG”. These people are disgusting Vermin that need to be removed from the face of the planet.

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