Mandatory LGBTQ-Focused Sex Ed for Kindergartners Pushed By WA Democrats [Audio Interview]

Washington State parents are back on the battle lines for preserving decency and morality as they attempt to rein in the out-of-control Democrats who seem to be hell-bent on mandating even kindergarten-aged children be subjected to LGBTQ-focused sex education.

One of the newest measures Democrat State House members are advocating is contained in House Bill 2184. The bill mandates “comprehensive sexual health education” by the year 2022.

A group that describes itself as a “coalition of parents dedicated to fighting Comprehensive Sexxx [sic] Education in our schools and legislation that imposes upon parental rights,” is on the front lines, attempting to warn parents of the dangers embodied in the legislation.

Democrats supporting it want people to believe that the bill would establish “equity,” i.e., equal access to sexual health information, especially with regard to the topics of “affirmative consent” and the needs of LGBTQ students.

From Breitbart:

A work group composed of 16 women that reviewed K–12 sex ed provisions in the state concluded in its final report that “members agree all students would benefit from K–12 comprehensive sexual health education.”

The conclusion, however, was reached after the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) conducted a survey about the issue and received more than 10,000 responses, nearly three-fourths of which came from females. Ironically, the work group found 58 percent of survey respondents said comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE) should not be required in grades K–12, and 42 percent said that it should be required.

Nevertheless, the work group stated:

The Sexual Health Education Workgroup agreed that all students in Washington’s public schools should have access to comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE) in grades K–12. Mandating CSHE is an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live. The Workgroup found that several groups are often excluded from relevant, inclusive instruction, including students in out of home care, students with disabilities, students who identify as LGBTQ+, and English learners, among others.

Washington Representative Michelle Caldier’s website (R) provides a radio report with John Sattgast in Olympia about the bill.


About the proposed mandated sex education curriculum, Calder says, “When I looked at the curriculum, I’d be happy to read some of this stuff, but I will tell you I know that the chair would gavel me because it is completely inappropriate for me to say here. And I think that if it is inappropriate for me to say on the dais, I don’t think that’s something that I would want to teach a kindergartner.”

The bill to mandate comprehensive sex ed died in the last legislative session, but the current bill is equally as controversial, as stated by Washington conservative radio host Jason Rantz of The Jason Rantz Show on AM 770 KTTH, who said, “[And] it’s fueled less about meeting the sexual needs of young kids (these needs don’t exist) than it is about pushing a very specific social justice agenda on gender identity for all classrooms.”

The thing that seems most apparent to me is that the LGBTQ faction of the liberal agenda is front and center here, pushing for the expansion of their fringe to become the mainstream. It’s not about “special” rights at all. It’s one-percenters trying to drag the rest of civilization into their “specialty,” if you will.

If you have a couple of spare minutes to go to the full Breitbart article above, I believe you’ll agree the specific language they’re proposing to be read to the children is FAR too explicit for the young age group. I couldn’t bring myself to put it in this report here.

Another section has language that sixth-graders would be taught to use pronouns that minimizes the distinction between male and female. It de-personalizes by teaching the children to call one another “they” rather than the more specific “he” or “she” pronouns.

By the time the youths are 15, the plan includes teaching the teens that sexting is “normal.” Are you kidding me? The big picture reveals that this bill joins others as another one of those “death by a thousand cuts” processes where the children are indoctrinated to believe that perversions are standard, acceptable fare.



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