Earlier we came across this story about Elijah Schaffer from Kenosha, Wisconsin who posted a heart-wrenching video of his family business that was torched during the riots there. David J Harris Jr weighed in on the situation, sharing his thoughts.


So…where is the outrage from any of the mainstream media? All I hear are crickets.

This needs to stop, and stop NOW! Liberal politicians obviously have little to no backbone to stop the rioting and looting. They try to say “we care about peaceful protests,” but my take on that is that what they say when using that phrase is a bloody lie because all they really seem to want is to stay in their position of influence. Never mind the fact that they are there to serve their communities. They are NOT there to serve the interests of the mobs invading innocent citizens’ lives and burning them out of existence.

These are nothing more than riots. The line that used to exist between activism and crime has been blurred to the point of being all but nonexistent. Looting is most certainly over the line.

This whole event is really beyond sad. Having owned a storefront business for a number of years, and knowing how much blood, sweat, and tears go into making a success of a small business I can sympathize to a degree, but to have a business with a forty-year family history unrecognizably burned to the ground in the name of justice, or even the so-called reparations, is more than any person should have to bear.

The police shooting event was totally unrelated. It had nothing to do with the man’s business. Mr. Schaffer knew nothing about the person who was shot, and neither did the looters and rioters. They certainly had no concern about who he was, or what his business might have meant to the community.

The only thing I can hope for is that enough people who were on the fence about which party has their best interests in mind will fall squarely into the Red pool and vote every last one of these backstabbing liberal politicians out of office. (Note that I didn’t put an R or D in that statement, because there are plenty of RINOs to give the boot to as well…)



DW and BJ are a senior retired couple working behind the scenes.
DW served first as editor, then editor-in-chief of DavidHarrisJr.com, and as a contributing author.

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  • This part of the reason there is a Second Amendment. The government did not reign this terror on you. But, they didn’t do anything to stop it. Your store and all of the other businesses provide a local tax base. You are the life blood of your community and government.

    Now, there is a young man, charged with murder. I doubt his reason for being in Kenosha will have any weight in his charges. But, the gun and his age could be a factor.

    If the Police can’t or won’t, you need consider every point, before you choose either path. Inaction is not a strategy.