Kanye West Opens Up about Music, Pornography Addiction, and Faith: ‘My Only Mission Is to Spread the Gospel’

The good news? Kanye West is sold out. If your mind automatically asks the question, “where?” I understand why you might. He’s been drawing sellout crowds for years, but for a different reason than now. In recent months, Kanye has raised a lot of Hollywood’s eyebrows as well as those of fans. I think one of the first times he made public his support of conservatives began in about April of 2018 when he put out a tweet that simply said: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks” (speaking about TPUSA and BLEXIT‘s Candace Owens).

I think that was our first hint that he was turning a corner in his life towards conservative thinking and away from the secular liberalism of Hollywood.

He further stirred the pot with his widely-publicized meeting with Donald Trump at the White House:

The liberal media’s heads were exploding, of course, because they just could NOT wrap their heads around the idea that an intelligent black man could consider being a Trump supporter.

In more recent months, again in the month of April (2019), Kanye made another big turn away from the secular world and is now making a full-court press in his declaration of faith in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He’s still drawing sellout crowds, but for an entirely different reason.

This from Christian Headlines:

As Christian communities light up in dialogue over Kanye West’s conversion and recent album, the rapper opened up about his faith journey in a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

“This is such a win for the Kingdom,” Kanye said, according to Faithwire. “For Kanye to come back home, from going from ‘Jesus Walks’ to ‘I Love It’, to say to God, ‘I tried it my way, it’s not working out. Everything is in shambles. I’m ending up in debt, making this money but still ending up in debt. My public standing is in shambles. I’m not in good shape. I’m having ups and downs with my health. People calling me crazy. People not wanting to sit with me. I had to just give it up to God.”

West recently moved to a ranch in Wyoming with his family. When Lowe asked him what he hopes the ranch will be in 20 years, West acknowledged that he didn’t know, that God would give him direction.

“I have some visions,” he said, “but the more that I’m in service to God, I just clear my head and wake up more empty every day and let God do the driving and just use me as he may. You make plans, and God laughs.”

Other the past year, West has slowly changed after his conversion last April, becoming more at peace with God and seeking Him in his work. He recently committed to abandoning secular music and pledged to only make gospel music.


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