Biden Claims He “Respects Religious Freedom,” But Would Force Christians to Fund Abortions?

For those of you who are new to this blog, you may not be acquainted with the circumstances around the existence of this page. In short, our boss, and the owner of this page, David Harris Jr, couldn’t remain silent after hearing the stark differences in the campaign platforms between Crooked Hillary and Donald Trump.

The final straw for David occurred when Hillary made it clear that she openly and enthusiastically endorsed the practice of abortion (she supported the “pro-choice” position). Conversely, Donald Trump was openly pro-life.

Fast forward three-plus years to the ongoing campaign for this year’s presidential election. The difference between President Trump and every other Democrat opponent is still just as stark. Every last one of the candidates with the (D) behind their name has expressed their undying and firm support of premeditated first-degree murder for hire.

Is that too harsh? What do you think the little one in the womb that is being torn limb from limb would say? It’s hard to imagine a more brutal way to die than being dismembered without any means of defense.

Joe Biden is flip-flopping like a beached fish on the subject of abortion. His claims he supports “religious freedom,” yet he also supports forcing Christians to pay for abortions, regardless of their express beliefs against it.

From LifeNews:

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is claiming that he would “respect religious freedom” as president. But he would force Christians to fund abortions if he gets the nomination and defeats President Donald Trump.

Here’s the video Biden posted on Twitter putting his lack of self-awareness on full display:

No sooner did Biden post the video than Father Dan Beeman quickly took him to task, saying, “The Little Sisters of the Poor agree. You’ve abandoned your faith and Church and now claim you fight for religious freedom? Repent and turn to the Gospel.

Father Beeman is right.

After Biden came out supporting overturning the Hyde Amendment and forcing Americans to fund abortions, pro-life Americans made it clear they opposed his position supporting taxpayer-funded abortions up to birth. Biden then flip-flopped and said he would not support efforts to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which protects Americans from funding most abortions.

But after an outcry from abortion advocates when he flip-flopped, Biden then flip-flopped again last June and now says he will support forcing Americans to fund abortions up to birth with our taxpayer dollars.

Biden clearly answered “yes” and “it can’t stay” when asked if he’d “commit to abolishing the Hyde amendment.”

Naturally, pro-life organizations called Biden out for his support for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand and for changing his position repeatedly.

Joe Biden has claimed that he’s devoutly Catholic, but his support of abortion flies in the face of the church’s position.

From a personal viewpoint, I find it incomprehensible that any person can claim to be devoutly religious with a Christian emphasis (whether Protestant or Catholic), be pro-life, yet vote for any Democrat. How can they get past the moral double standard?




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