Israeli Prime Minister Suspended For ‘Hate Speech’ By Social Media — Avowed Enemies Untouched

Social media censorship has been getting a lot of attention for the last couple of years. The two largest ones with whom many users are familiar have reached the place where, as the saying goes, the gloves are off, and things are about to get real!

Independent Journalist (and, I might add, future Congresswoman from the State of Florida?) Laura Loomer reported the following:

Facebook is now censoring world leaders and amplifying the voices of Islamic terrorists.

On Thursday, terror supporting Facebook took their political censorship to a new extreme when the chat feature on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Facebook page was suspended for 24 hours in what Facebook said was a violation of Facebook’s dubious rules against “hate speech.”

Facebook’s actions are not only an example of clear cut anti-conservative, anti-Jewish, and anti-Israel bias, but banning Netanyahu is a form of election interference. Benjamin Netanyahu is in the middle of campaigning as the Israeli elections are quickly approaching.

Netanyahu’s page was reportedly censored for telling voters to help avoid creating a government composed of “Arabs who want to destroy us all — women, children and men.”

That was apparently objectionable to Facebook, Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations who want to destroy us all. The “Arabs” Netanyahu was referring to are probably the same members of Hamas who were firing rockets in Southern Israel this week while Prime Minister Netanyahu was giving a speech (before he was rushed off stage to seek protection from the rockets). The same Hamas that is still active on both Facebook and Twitter to spread terrorist propaganda and hatred against Jews and Israel.

Laura has been a recipient of widespread censorship herself, and for the simple reason that she also told the truth on social media.

Also from her report:

Big tech’s censorship of Conservatives and Jews is sinister enough, but it appears as though Facebook’s suspension of Netanyahu was coordinated so that he was silenced at the same exact time POLITICO released a hit piece about the Israeli Prime Minister. On early Thursday morning, a POLITICO report said that the Israeli government was accused of planting “mysterious spy devices” near the White House.

Prime Minister Netanyahu pointedly denied the accusations, as we reported in the article Netanyahu Vigorously Denies That Israel Planted Spying Devices Near White House — Why It’s Important.

So you see, the big tech companies are openly defiant in spite of the accusations against them, and show no indication of dialing back their censorship. Every day that passes seems to reveal yet another coordinated attack against those who wish to speak Godly and conservative principles, and those of us who fit that mold must not go down without a fight.


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