In Rare TV Interview, Jared Kushner Speaks Of Middle East Peace Deal [Video]

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This week President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner granted a rare live video interview to Fox News’ Sean Hannity and spoke to not only the issue of with Israel and the long, ongoing conflict with Palestine but also to issues having to do with prison reform.

This from The Gateway Pundit:

White House Senior Adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner joined Sean Hannity on Monday night for a rare public interview.

Kushner has been instrumental in the USMCA trade talks, the peace talks with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia and criminal-justice reform.

On Monday Kushner pushed the White House sentencing reform bill.

Jared Kushner: “We’re hopeful in the next couple of months that we’ll put out our plan which again not every side is gonna love but there is enough in it and enough reasons why people should take it and move forward. This plan will keep the Israeli people safe, give them a good future but also give a real opportunity and hope with the Palestinian people so that they can live much better lives. I’ve been saying a lot that you shouldn’t be hijacking your children’s future because of your grandparents’ conflict. This is a conflict that has been going on for way too long. And the way that people are living in the West Bank and Gaza right now is not acceptable and there is a lot we can be doing to improve their quality of life.”

Source: The Gateway Pundit

After hearing this, it gives us hope that perhaps there may yet be an avenue opening to achieve a greater peace in the middle east. I think I can safely say that Israel, in particular, would be extremely happy to be able to wake up in the morning to just the sound of the birds in the trees and the other happy noises that go along with a thriving society rather than to the wail of air raid sirens.

I also understand more of why our own David J Harris Jr joined a number of others in Washington, D.C. to lobby members of the Congress to move ahead with the prison reform bill. There is plenty of evidence available now for programs that can be put in place to genuinely give hope to people who have been sentenced to long periods of incarceration but for relatively insignificant violations. A spark of hope will go a long way to motivate someone to get back out and make a positive contribution to society instead of being nothing but a drain on the taxpayer.

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